Mars Conner 5DF

17 10 2018

Mars is one of the hottest planets and the 4th planet nearest to the sun.

Mars is known as the red planet because of the red rocks and sand. People might be the first living thing to step foot on mars.

mars picture

Saturn Ruby 5DF

17 10 2018

In English we have been learning about non chronological report on planets, I have chosen 3 facts about Saturn.

1. Saturn has over 60 moons.

2.Saturn is the least dense planet in the solar system.

3. The first astronomers thought the rings were moons.

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uranus ashton 5fg

17 10 2018
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Uranus has layers, the first layer is upper cloud layer. The second layer is water and ice. The third layer is core.

Venus Phoebe 5DF

17 10 2018

This is planet Venus. It is also known as Earths sister planet, the morning star or the evening star. Despite being Earths sister planet, their temperatures are very different. Even though Venus isn’t the closest planet to the Sun, it is the hottest. This is because there is a layer of cloud made from gas that acts like a blanket, keeping the heat from the Sun inside the planets atmosphere.venus picture

Earth Jennifer 5df

17 10 2018

Four facts about Earth:

  • Earth has about 60% of water and 40% of land.
  • Earth is 4.543 years old.
  • Scientist says that Earth was made 3.5 million years ago.
  • The nearest star we have is the Sun.

Did you know? That Earth is 6,371 km,WOW that’s a lot.                                         earth image

Earth,Ellie 5df

17 10 2018

earth imageEarth is the world we are living our brilliant life on right this second. Our Earth is 6371 killometeres long to fit us all on it. If you are wondering why globes are green and blue it’s because the blue represents the ocean that covers 70% of our world. The green represents the land which covers 30% of our world.

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Written by Ellie from 5df

Venus Lillian 5DF

17 10 2018


In literacy we have been doing a non chronological report on a chosen planet . I have picked these few facts to share with you:

  • Venus is the hottest planet although its not the closest. This is because there is a cloud of gas covering Venus like a blanket, keeping the heat in.
  • Venus is named after the roman Goddess of love and beauty.
  • Venus is sometimes called the dawn or the dusk star.
  • Venus is sometimes called Earths sister planet, although there is no sign (at the moment) of life on Venus

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Mercury Aryan 5DF

17 10 2018

Mercury image                                                                                                              Mercury had two names when Romans were here, they were Apollo in day and Hermes in night. Mercury has no moons surrounding it unlike other planets. People think this planet and the moon are twins because they are so alike. Mercury is also named after a Roman messenger god, this is why N.A.S.A. sent a spacecraft called MESSENGER to Mercury! Even though Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it is not the hottest!

Saturn Lily 5DF

17 10 2018
  • Scientist say Saturn is so light that if you got a swimming pool big enough it would actually float.
  • Saturn’s rings are made out of ice, crystals and rocks, they are all different shapes and sizes.
  • Saturn is one of nine planets that orbits the sun.

Did you know?

Saturn has 60 moons and Titan is the biggest one, scientists say in 4 years time there could be life on Titan.                         

Saturn image

Saturn Mia 5DF

17 10 2018

saturn picture

  • Saturn weather is extremely windy.
  • Did you know that Saturn could float on the water because of the gases.
  • Some people think that Saturn ring is not real or there but it is.