My summer holidays by Ellethea 5c

20 09 2018

In the summer holidays my grandad traveled 4 hours to come and see me and my family. He lives in Carlisle and we do not see him a lot . I also went on holiday to Hemsby and I stayed in a caravan . It was so fun . we ended up baby sitting a parrot that was very noisy and thought because it was awake it could ring the bell in its cage to wake my family up . I have a BLACK PUG  that is very lazy and is slow but she struggles to breathe because her face is so flat. I also had a sleep over with my friend Lola . I  made a new friend called Izzy and I play with her every day . Near my house, me and my sister made up something called wall run where there is a deep hill that you run across . It is really fun .

My summer holidays by Skye 5c

20 09 2018

Hello everyone,

My summer holiday was amazing. The first week was amazing because it was my birthday. For my wonderful birthday I got to see LITTLE MIX. I saw Neriah and Sydni and it was the best days of my life. I also got an I pad, arts and crafts and some other stuff. I went to Great Yarmouth for three days I went to the beach and in the sea every day then we went to some fun arcades and I had warm doughnuts after yum yum yummy. I also ate two McDonalds in a row. Moving on from my wonderful holiday, I went for a sleep over at three  of my friends Ashton, Sophie and Amy’s house. I saw my sister Chelsea and we had a cheeky McDonalds. It was soooooo much fun.

Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead Ethan 5DF

17 09 2018

My name is Ethan and this is my blog…

These are my goals to complete by the end of the year:

  • Get to my 5th sticker chart.
  • Achieve all my Literacy targets at least once.
  • Improve my hand writing.
  • Get better at French.

So far I have found Year 5 very fun and it’s almost like you are free to do whatever you like! I have not found it too hard yet but the work is getting more challenging.  All the teachers are really friendly and give you help whenever you need it! I love my school!

Our topics are very fun and I always like to learn about them. Right now our topic in Art is water, and at the moment we are drawing forms of water with chalk. It is very fun! All the teachers have a good sense of humor and they are very helpful.

My presentation (so far) is brilliant and I would (try to) never drop a mark on a test. I really like doing tests because I can show my teachers all that I have learnt so far in the year.

This is my opinion of Year 5 so far:

  • The teachers are fantastic!
  • The work is very fun!
  • None of the teachers are mean.

So all round Year 5 is very, very good!


Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. Theo 5DF

17 09 2018

So far year 5 has been really good  I feel more grown up and independent because I get to walk home. Also year 5 has brought my interest for space out so I can now learn about different Astronauts and planets. I would like to try to get involved with even more clubs than last year and last year I Did 5 CLUBS that will be hard to beat but I think I can pull it off.


Year5 and my goals for the year ahead. by Ruby 5DF

17 09 2018

Hi my name is Ruby, Year 5 has been great so far and I have enjoyed a lot of it! It does feel pretty weird to have 2 teachers and 2 assistants though. Everything’s been fantastic so far and I hope it stays that way all through the year!

There has been a lot of fun things to do on the topics and the teachers are also fun and really helpful.

I especially love music and PE beacause I am very keen and love things to do with singing for music or running.

For p.e. My main goal is to focus more in what I am doing and that’ s my year 5 goals!

Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. by Lillian 5DF

17 09 2018

Hi my name is Lillian . Right now Year 5 has been amazing and  I  have loved it so far. Its really enjoyable  , but it does feel strange to have two teachers  . Me and my class like both our teachers and they’re so funny and enjoyable to be around this year and I hope it carries on this well . We also have 1 assistant teacher and  another  teacher that teaches on Wednesday afternoon . I love dance lessons and music. I also like RE and French . Really I like all the lessons .

My goals

  1. I will try make my hand writhing better .
  2. Try to concentrate more and try listening to the teachers .

This is my main goal to: try be kinder and respect others

That is  it for my blog.  Thank you for reading


Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. Clara 5DF

17 09 2018

So far I am finding year 5 amazing, sometimes we have a bit more work than we had in year 4 but I don’t mind it. I am finding it really fun especially as we have Mrs Darby and Mr Fisher. My goals for this year are that I get my sixth card so I can have two amazingly fun activities at the end of the year but it is going to be more difficult than last year. My other goals are that I get the Head teachers award. I think that I am going to settle in quite quickly, well I hope I do. I am enjoying the topics that we are doing in English, Science, ICT and Humanities. I am excited for the rest of the year, we are going to have an incredible time.

Egypt – Georgina 6CH

12 06 2018

Recently in class we have been studying ancient Egypt and modern Egypt it has been fascinating. Did you know that in ancient Egypt they wore eye makeup called kalo? Both men and women wore it was said to give healing powers and the sun gave it stronger powers also one faro named his daughter  face book  which gave the name to the app face book. EgSee the source imageypt was fascinating to learn about. The website used is called

Bubble Zorb by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Thursday, a spectacular event occurred up on our school field, which was Bubblezorb. We all got into a large blown up zorb ball and ran around and barged into each other, and for some people it hurt and got barged alot, for others they were having fun barging into others. Some went for two gos and they thought it was fun but some others got hurt and decided not to do it again. Most of my friends got smacked out of the ring and teamed on and I had to help one get back in to the action. I really hurt my fists and the next day I had scars there!


bubble zorb

Cricket Tournament By Sami 6CH

12 06 2018

Today the cricket tournament is starting and I am very excited to play. I am going to be presenting all of the things that I have learnt and why I am excited for the tournament.

One of the things that all of us have learned throughout of our training is the chin-knee-toe technique. It is done by have your chin knee and toe on the same level. An old cricketer was nicknamed the chin-knee-toe man because he invented it. My brother is very good at cricket and ever since I was a child I have been playing against him but he has always beaten me with his different types of bowling. So during this tournament I want to play really well to see my improvement and tell my brother how I played and have a rematch.

I have been in a tournament before but I didn’t accomplish much because the year 6’s were the main reason we won. However, now that I am in year 6 I’m going to play the best that I can and  definitely not going to lose easily. A few of my friends will not be participating in this tournament because they are in Portugal playing football but we still have to try.

We don’t have as many players as we did last year but we have to do our best. We have been taught how to bowl faster, bat faster, bowl more accurately and bat with better accuracy all for this moment…

We hope for the best and will prove that we will do well!