The Egyptians – Kelsie 6F

12 04 2016

I have always been very intrigued by the Egyptians because in my opinion they are one of the most civilized ancient periods.  I have read many books, watched a couple of documentaries and been to a number of museums that had Egyptian artefacts on display.

Below are a few facts that you may not already know:-

  • The pyramids have been known to predict the future, such as they predicted the Crusification of Jesus Christ, which was thousands of years later.  The pyramids were in-line with the stars in order to do this.
  • The shape of the pyramids are said to preserve things such as bodies of animals.  The first person to discover this was Karel Drbal.
  • Mummy’s were treated very bizarrely before being buried.  They had all of their organs removed and the most important ones stored in canopic jars, which had stone animal heads as lids.
  • Egyptians wrote in complicated symbols which are known as hieroglyphs.  These were often carved into the stone walls of the tombs to ward off intruders for example grave robbers (who would like to steal their treasures).  These spoke of horrible curses and gruesome deaths for anyone who disturbed the kings or queens peace.

I am really looking forward to elaborating on this interesting topic; learning more about this remarkable race who lived thousands of years ago.



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