Egyptians-Francesca 6C

13 04 2016

Egyptian Facts

Egyptians were very civilised people and they worked in ranks. At the top was the Pharaoh who was king of all and at the bottom was the farmers. Egyptian towns would build their community around a river which was called the River Nile. This river would flood every year and create a black mud which is what the farmers would use to plant their crops in. These people would write in hieroglyphics instead of English like you and me. Each symbol would mean a different letter or sound, so it must of been really hard to remember them all. When a Pharaoh got married both of the people would promise each other that they would be killed when one of them died which was really unfortunate of king Tutankhamun’s bride because he died at the age of 18!

I hope some of the facts I have written were ones you didn’t know before.

egyiptan hiroglifics



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