Literacy in Year 6 -Francesca 6C

18 04 2016

In Literacy, Year 6 have been doing some acting about all of the ranks in an Egyptian building site. At the top is the Scribe and at the bottom is the Water Boy. I was a water boy along with Harry. As well as there being Scribes and Water Boys there were also Workers, Overseers and Chisellers. Workers were in charge of pulling all of the great big chunks of stone to their destination. Overseers were in charge of making sure that everyone was in the right place at the right time and that everyone was doing the right job. Last but not least there were the Chisellers who shaped the rock in the into the right shape.

In Year 6 we were acting out a building site which was a little bit hard especially when we also had to show the right facial expression which had to go along with our part and our body movements.



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    18 04 2016
      mrportrey (16:20:07) :     Reply

    I like the name of the water boy you were with. Which position would be the one that you aspire to be?

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