Evolution:Matilda Mansfield 6f

29 04 2016

In class, we have been learning about evolution.Some people believe that instead of God creating the world,that little orbs grew and grew into bigger things.The things that they said were in the evolution circle, is in this order;first a orb,then a fish,next the fish grew legs and after it evolved into…a chimpanzee/monkey!Lastly,it was us humans but other animals and creatures were created along the way,I guess that’s why monkeys look and do things a lot like us because we evolved from them.

But evolution,is a slow process,and takes thousands of years so it’s not like you are going to wake up tomorrow morning and be another different specie like a uni-dog…

We also learnt about extinct animals, extinct means no longer has any of that specie left, such as a dodo, Tasmanian wolf, Mammoth and lots more. Here are some photos of them.

Four Reasons Why Cloning Extinct Animals Is Wrong - Earth in ...                                                                   

MAMMOTH                                                                                          DODO                                                       TASMANIAN WOLF




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