20 06 2016

With the upcoming of Kingswood and most of the children in year 6 and 5 going I just wanted to do this post to remind everyone of what will be going on and what will happen. Also if you have any questions about Kingswood go and ask Mr.Casey or Mrs.Gordon. First of all we will be doing a range of exciting activies ranging from the leap of faith to the disco in the evening. I am personally looking forward to the survival skills and well everything!

The three bits of information you must remember are: Your room number, Activity group letter and HAVE FUN!!!Kingswood



One response to “Kingswood-Francesca6c”

    20 06 2016
      missletts (08:03:52) :     Reply

    Good advice Francesca, I’m sure everyone will have a great time, lots to do!

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