Ausrine 5T – Year 5

19 12 2016

Year 5┬áhas been a magnificent experience including ICT, Science and Religious Education. Before all this had happened as you will now, it had been the summer holidays. Most of you maybe went on holiday but sadly I did not get to. I had a really fun time because it was my dad’s birthday and also I got to go to the beach.

I really like being in school because I enjoy being back in it with my friends. Also, I like learning about water in humanities because when our class got the homework I liked it for some strange reason. Obviously I like ICT because we get to do blogging and when we do it we will get to add pictures and videos which I really want to do. I also like literacy because we get to do Alice in wonderland because of the writing that I also like to do.

Amusingly, in science we are learning about the solar system and it is really fun. By now I know all my planets that are in the solar system.

I know that you will like this lesson because it is Tag Rugby. In Tag Rugby we are learning about defence. Also, if you tried it I know that you will love doing it.

Year 5 is just magnificent!!!



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    10 01 2017
      year5c (18:03:23) :     Reply


    Nice use of words Ausrine?

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