What we do in year 5 – Tyler 5t

19 12 2016

Hello, welcome to 5t.

I like year 5. It is really fun in 5t because you get to do warm ups to get your brain started for the day. We learn about how not to waste water in Humanities. My favourite thing in year 5 is the homework. My favourite homework is the maths because you get to do number lines and you get to order numbers. We have Mrs Masters and Mr Kelly. They’re really fun because with Mrs Masters we get to do art and with Mr Kelly, we get to do French and music.

In year 5 me and some of my friends go to Mrs Hemmings. It is really fun because we get to play games and practise spellings. And in Mrs Hemmings’ group she does not care if you get your spelling wrong. In 5t we get to do PE. It’s really fun because we get to do rugby with Mr Thomas and with Mrs Choudhury we do normal PE and we play Dodgeball but the rules were different. We had to roll the ball. There were 4 teams. 1 team was yellow and Blue and green and the red team.

The scores:











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