San Marino – Alesha 5C –

12 06 2017

In our geography lessons, we were learning about coasts. We could choose a place that was near the coast ,we chose San Marino. It has lots of tourist attractions such as, beaches that have water parks, a great football team, guaita, which is a castle, an adventure park named San Marino Adventures – you can ride ponies there, do some archery, jungle soft air and lots more fun- San Marino nature park and plenty more exciting places to visit although it is a small country. The average temperature is 18.1 Celsius and the population is 31,950 which has increased by 0.53% since 2015!

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    24 06 2017
      year5t (13:17:45) :     Reply

    Wow, looks like a good place to go on holiday.

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