Alf’s first blog post 5C

21 09 2017

these past few weeks we have been doing a lot of work.In maths we have been learning on how to round number from 10 to 100,000 I have got confused a lot but when you get the hang of it your spot on. In English we have been learning about Apollo 13 and how they had a succsesful failiure .Today we were supposed to go on an art trip but it was cancelled and that was disappointing but the teacher made up for it by having a massive tournement of Geography we have been learning about water and how much we should use a day, we had homework to see how much water we used in a day and my family uses less water than the U.K average.




3 responses to “Alf’s first blog post 5C”

    21 09 2017
      mrsfeetham (13:45:50) :     Reply

    A great blog, Alfie, but remember your capital letters.

    28 09 2017
      Alfie (13:06:37) :     Reply

    Sorry about the capital letters

    28 09 2017
      Elliot (13:08:28) :     Reply

    What are the rules of dodgeball?

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