My first blog post 5c Grantas

21 09 2017


Year 5 is getting harder and harder. Today, we were supposed to go on a Art trip but it got cancelled, but  the teachers made it up for a dodgeball P.E lesson which was really FUN.  My favorite lesson is Art, we have been learning about a English Artist that was inspired by water. We used oil pastels to do our art. In  literacy we have been learning about  Apollo 11 and the crew including Neil Armstrong. In humanities we have been learning about water. A uk average person uses 144 litres a day.



6 responses to “My first blog post 5c Grantas”

    21 09 2017
      mrsfeetham (14:01:26) :     Reply

    Great blog post Grantas, I’m really impressed to see so much information from our lessons and interesting facts. Well done.

    21 09 2017
      At home Phoenix (14:55:12) :     Reply

    Hi grantas it’s me Phoenix every one put the same start in there blog.

    27 09 2017
      year5fg (11:20:49) :     Reply

    That is really good it is really interesting

    28 09 2017
      year5c (13:14:38) :     Reply

    Thanks,and hi Phoenix. Thanks Mrs Feetham.

    28 09 2017
      charlie (13:15:11) :     Reply

    Great first blog Grantas KEEP it up.

    28 09 2017
      Joe (13:16:38) :     Reply

    Nice blog post. What are the names of the astronauts on apollo 11?

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