Jacob’s First Blog Post

29 09 2017

Hi, my name is Jacob and this is my first blog post.  Today we were learning about David Hockney and Maggi Hambling in Art.  On Thursday morning, we were supposed to go on a trip to The Art Gallery but sadly it got cancelled.  The Year 5 teachers made up for it and we played dodgeball instead. In science, we are learning about SPACE and Apollo 11,12 and 13. Neil Armstrong,Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were in Apollo 11.



3 responses to “Jacob’s First Blog Post”

    29 09 2017
      year5t (15:31:33) :     Reply

    Hey Jacob I think you could have add more and what does maggi do in her art same with David

    By Molly

    30 09 2017
      year5t (11:44:23) :     Reply

    good work Jacob you could of said a little more about space in sience butt good try

    from melody

    13 10 2017
      year5t (13:21:56) :     Reply

    well done jacob that is very good from paige

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