Harry’s moon work

11 10 2017

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This week in 5fg we have been learning about different phases of the moon.Here is a picture of a phase of the moon,which has been edited,it doesn’t look like this in real life.I have been working very hard on this project in class.There is several different phases of the moon.There are different planets in are solar system some people think that the moon is a planet but its not its.Its a big sphere made of big meteoroid ,if you don@t know what that is its a massive bolder with a type of metal in it.Honestly they weigh loads.They are mainly a shiny red colour.




2 responses to “Harry’s moon work”

    11 10 2017
      Riley (17:07:42) :     Reply

    This is AMAZING! But accidentally, you have put- Don@t -I was amazed when I read this and I have learnt something new.

    13 10 2017
      year5t (13:31:32) :     Reply

    same , you put don@t but amazing picture and information well done Harry!

    by Alexander

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