phases of the moon Jacob 5FG

11 10 2017

In class we were learning about different, phases of the moon.  So when you are looking at a picture of the phases of the moon it looks like its, vanishing away. There are only eight phases of the moon by Jacob.




phases of the moon



2 responses to “phases of the moon Jacob 5FG”

    18 10 2017
      jordan (10:49:16) :     Reply

    Good job Jacob I really liked yours you used good punctuation you have read through your work to see if it made sense and it does so great work.

    18 10 2017
      Amani (10:50:23) :     Reply

    Great job Jacob ,you have described what you have done in class very well. But in
    future try to not put full stops in the middle of your sentence. for example

    phases of the moon.looks like its vanishing away.

    just try to take your time

    by Amani

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