Phases Of The Moon Keane

11 10 2017


In  Science,we have been learning about the Moon and it’s different phases.The Moon has nine different Phases and takes 28 and a half days orbit Earth once.The Moon is the smallest out of the see-able solar system.The Moon is 384,400 km away from Earth and  in miles 238,900. The Moon,is the smallest,but it is the coldest.



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    11 10 2017
      Chidera (10:51:33) :     Reply

    Good work Keane

    11 10 2017
      Amani (10:55:16) :     Reply

    well done keane,you’ve done a great description of the Moon and the phases.
    Try to not say the Moon as much for improvement.

    By Amani

    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:02:05) :     Reply

    Well Done! A great piece of work Keane you have a little mistake where a sentence doesn’t make sense (orbit Earth once) Next time try to make sense – Riley

    11 10 2017
      Jessica (11:08:04) :     Reply

    It is great that you have used the word orbit instead of move around, spin around, go around, or any other boring words like them. But Neptune is the coldest planet not the moon.

    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:08:35) :     Reply

    Keane,this is a very good post. I’ve learnt alot from you because I didn’t know that the Moon is 238,900 miles away from us! this is a very good piece of writing and if i wanted to learn about the Moon I would read your post.


    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:11:36) :     Reply

    Well done Keane try to remember to check for any mistakes next time.
    Elvie 5FG

    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:12:09) :     Reply

    That is alot of amazing vocabulary well done Keane by Ella

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