Phases of the moon kenai

11 10 2017

moon phases diagram9121809882_970f495716_b (1)

This is the moon that you see at night. You know it doesn’t change shape it gets dark.

The moon goes in to different shapes that are called phases. It goes waning,  waning is when something gets small. It goes into to waxing phase, not real waxes, it means getting bigger. After the waning it becomes  new moon.The Moon rotates 24 hours around the earth. These are some facts about the moon and the moon doesn’t make it’s on light the sun does by reflecting on the moon. I hope you like space thanks for reading. Learn more about space.




3 responses to “Phases of the moon kenai”

    11 10 2017
      Riley (17:22:26) :     Reply

    This is Great Kenai! The problem I spotted was you wrote Into to also remember capital letters for Moon,Earth and Sun. This is fabulous! WELL DONE

    18 10 2017
      Jessica (10:46:04) :     Reply

    Great description about the Moon Keani. This shows that you have listend to Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Gomperts when thay have taught us about the phases of the Moon.

    18 10 2017
      Mia (10:51:03) :     Reply

    I like the way you explained the waning and waxing i really like it keani lots of information well done

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