Phases of the moon. Phoebe

11 10 2017

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What causes the phases of the moon?

Phases of the moon happen when the Earth and Sun orbit each other and we see different sides of the moon .

There are lost of names for different shapes we see here is a  name. Full quarter,which is a quarter of the way of the cycle, is when it looks like there is just more than half.











6 responses to “Phases of the moon. Phoebe”

    11 10 2017
      Chidera (10:53:31) :     Reply

    Amazing! Phoebe but next time can you just push the information.

    11 10 2017
      Keane (10:54:08) :     Reply

    Outstanding.I love the way you put a relative clause.Amazing work Phoebe.Try right a little more.

    11 10 2017
      annie (11:10:59) :     Reply

    WOW!This is a very good peice of work Its great that you have used a relative clause.But ,next time try to write a little bit more .Otherwise,that is a fab peice of work.

    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:30:32) :     Reply

    Great work,Phoebe you have used a complex sentences and relative clauses.From Alex.

    11 10 2017
      Riley (17:15:34) :     Reply

    This is OUTSTANDING! The way you wrote What causes the phases of the Moon.I agree with Annie and Keane, just try to to do tiny bit more other wise this is Amazing with a LOT of effort. WELL DONE

    18 10 2017
      renee (10:46:55) :     Reply

    You have used a fronted adverb correctly (full quarter)
    You have explained the phases of the moon amazingly but maybe next you could write a tiny bit more.
    I can tell you put a lot of work into this and the result is amazing
    Great work Phoebe

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