The Phases of the Moon – Ellis 5FG

11 10 2017

The phases of the Moon is an interesting topic. The angle of the Sun, Earth and of course, the Moon affects the phases. Now, the phases of the Moon is what you can see of it at night, it can get confusing but, lets begin. A New Moon is where you can’t see it, because the Earth, Sun and Moon are in straight line. A Waxing/Waning Crescent are NOT the same thing, a Waxing Crescent is growing into a Full Moon and a Waning Crescent is shrinking into a New Moon. The First Quarter is where you can see half of it, the Last Quarter is the same but obiously the opposite side, a Gibbous is most of the Moon visible but still about a crescent not. The Full Moon is completely visible, it takes a month for the Moon to orbit the Earth.      Thankyou





6 responses to “The Phases of the Moon – Ellis 5FG”

    11 10 2017
      annie (10:56:44) :     Reply

    This is a good post .It has good some good noun phrases and relative clauses such as :The angle of the Sun,and of course the Moon , affects the phases.Try to make sure tiny parts of it makes sense.

    11 10 2017
      Amani (11:01:03) :     Reply

    Fantastic description of the Moon,you have said what waning and waxing crescent means.Try to use fronted adverbials.

    By Amani

    11 10 2017
      Chidera (11:03:55) :     Reply

    Wow Ellis! I am speechless i can see your knowledge of the Moon Phases has expanded a lot.

    By Chidera

    11 10 2017
      renee (11:08:03) :     Reply

    This is such a interesting piece of work and i like how you have put -Waning-and-Waxing in bold because it shows the words for the Moon getting bigger and smaller. I cant find anything wrong with you work because it is that good

    Good job


    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:18:48) :     Reply

    I am thanking you for the supportive comment and advise. Thanks for noticing and commenting!

    11 10 2017
      year5fg (11:20:48) :     Reply

    Ellis you have used good punctuation like commas but I just don`t get why you put capital litters when you put Waning

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