Anglian Water Visit By Molly

12 10 2017

Anglian WaterOn Wednesday, we had someone called Richard come into 5T to talk to us about saving water.

He told us that once he left something of his in our school, he said it was very special to him and he just left it here. He had to drive for one hour just to get it back. After break we made actual sewage water! He told us a story about a boy, this boy had just got a new puppy. Apparently the puppy was really dirty, so this little boy washed it or tried to wash it in the sink. He couldn’t reach it though so being about two years old and as you usually do he placed the puppy in the toilet and flushed it.

They rang Anglian Water and they looked down the pipes and saw an unharmed puppy, they told the boy to never flush a dog down the toilet again.

Thank you for reading and see you next blog!



4 responses to “Anglian Water Visit By Molly”

    12 10 2017
      misscartwright (13:10:21) :     Reply

    Oh no! That poor puppy! Did he say how they rescued him? What did he leave at our school? Miss Cartwright

    13 10 2017
      Vicky (13:17:36) :     Reply

    Wow! I enjoyed the visit too and especially the story! i loved the paragraph too.
    – Vicky

    13 10 2017
      Melody (15:52:27) :     Reply

    good job molly i really liked the story

    13 10 2017
      Melody (15:55:05) :     Reply

    But you didn’t put what he left and did you mean the sausage fat in the bottle

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