Anglian Water Visit By Rayhan

12 10 2017

Anglian WaterThis week, we had a visitor from Anglian Water called Richard .He taught us what we should do to save water and what we shouldn’t put down the sink or toilet like cotton buds, fats and oil. I learnt that I can save lots of water by brushing my teeth without leaving the tap on . We also made our own sewage water and it was DISGUISTING !  I enjoyed his funny jokes and I hope he comes back next year . Bye for now!



2 responses to “Anglian Water Visit By Rayhan”

    12 10 2017
      misscartwright (13:03:02) :     Reply

    This sounds like fun Rayhan! What did you put in the sewage water?

    13 10 2017
      Melody (16:02:41) :     Reply

    Well done Rayhan, I thought the sewage was fun but maybe a little bit disgusting.

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