Anglia Water Visit by Macie

18 10 2017

Anglia water cycleAnglian Water

This week, a man called Richard from Anglian water came into the class to talk more about water and water safety.

Firstly, he asked a question which was”Do you brush your teeth with the tap on?”and naughty me, I do, so he asked me to come out in front of the class and Freddie and Sam got a big bucket from him and turned the tap on for 2 minutes while the other children ran on the spot for 2 minutes and I was at the front leading .

Then we made our own sewage water which contained: water, vegtable oil, weetabix, washing up powder, tea and tea bag, wee(urine),our waste that goes down the loo(poo), baby wipes and tissue also cotton buds.

At  the end he told us a story about false teeth and also a puppy, I don’t really want to explain cause it was a bit sad but also it was funny.

Thank you very much for reading my second blog post and i hope to see u soon




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