Anglian Water cycle by Chantelle ;)

20 10 2017

Hi my name is Chantelle welcome back.

On Wednesday, a person called Richard came to talk to us about  how the water goes to our homes. So the water comes from the pipes under our homes then travels. Also we use a lot more  water than an average person does and did you know that an average personAnglian Wateruses hundred and forty four liters? Did you know there has been lots of odd things going inside of the pipes and filling up and blocking the sewage pipes? Take a look at a website. There are lot of things inside pipes like a wedding rings, false teeth, baby wipes and toys and hair-curlers .  Please don’t put grease, oil and fat down the sink because poor people have to clean those pipes so tell everybody not to put oil, grease and baby wipes and toys. Bye! Comment down below. Bye 🙂




3 responses to “Anglian Water cycle by Chantelle ;)”

    20 10 2017
      year5t (19:10:17) :     Reply

    Great comment, Chantelle

    20 10 2017
      year5t (19:10:55) :     Reply

    By Lacey (sorry I made a mistake)

    10 11 2017
      year5t (13:44:49) :     Reply

    great blog from elise

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