Happy Diwali (Macie)

20 10 2017

If you did not know, in R.E we are learning about the hindu festival Diwali and it is a festival to remember the story of Rama and Sita which I find very interesting to learn about.

Diwali is the festival of light so in our art calss we made our own lanterns to put up in the hall so everybody will be able to see our amazing project.

We made our own lamps and their proper name is Diva Lamps (which is quite funny).

They look amazing. The colours I used were burnt orange and deep green (they are good contrasting colours).

Also we are making shadow puppets (there also going in the hall) and I got Sita but my friend Rayhan got Rama. She didn’t want Rama so she asked me if she could have Sita I said yes cause I am a good friend. Then I didn’t want Rama so Mrs Masters (a teacher) had Queen KyKy and I wanted her so I got her (that was hetic my fingers hurt now!). So yeah that was kind of a drama scence 🙂

I hoped you liked my little paragraph and I will hope to be posting a blog again!

Happy Diwali!!

and a goodbye!!



6 responses to “Happy Diwali (Macie)”

    20 10 2017
      year5t (19:06:06) :     Reply

    Very good comment, Macie. Was this the one that said “Happy Diwali by Diwali?”

    Lacey 5T

    10 11 2017
      year5t (13:41:01) :     Reply

    No Lacey it wasn’t but thank you for the comment:)

    Macie 5t

    10 11 2017
      year5t (13:42:06) :     Reply

    well done you have done well and what does hetic mean ?

    Alexander 5T

    10 11 2017
      year5t (13:45:16) :     Reply

    well done Macie you thought hard

    10 11 2017
      year5t (13:46:22) :     Reply

    well done macie one thing what does HETIC mean. from jacob 5t

    10 11 2017
      year5t (13:47:18) :     Reply

    Ooopss i spelt it wrong that is why you do not know the word it is spelt (hetick)
    also thank you very much for the comment it was very nice.

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