The Forces and Gravity – Ellis 5FG

15 11 2017

On Tuesday (Yesterday) We changed our topic to ‘The Forces and Gravity’. Isaac Newton discovered it in a very strange way. An apple fell on his head while he was relaxing under an apple tree and then he wondered why it happened because nobody had done that before. Anyway, I have found a website that is educational, about gravity etc and reliable.

Click Here to Enter Website

Gravity pulls items to the ground. For example, if you dropped a banana it wouldn’t float around would it? It would land on a surface. this is the same as any object but if it were a feather or leaf, it would do it gently, slowly but surely, this is called ‘air resistance’, it makes objects, as I said, float down carefully. The forces are called ‘push, pull and twist’.

Here is a video, as educational and reliable as the website.

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