Egypt – Ausrine 6CH

11 06 2018

Egypt used to be a desert that used to be unlivable to humans. Then the River Nile appeared and humans moved onto the banks of the water which had rich green trees and crops growing. Every now and then the River Nile would flood. Most people thing that this is bad but it is actually excellent. Basically, when the River Nile floods, just enough for the plants to grow, the water spreads a sludgy, healthy thing across crops which is very fertile and helps them grow quicker. At the end of the year, the farmer would have lots of food to give to the village and maybe even some left over for next year!Image result for river nile



One response to “Egypt – Ausrine 6CH”

    11 06 2018
      year6c (11:18:15) :     Reply

    well done Ausrine
    Maybe on your next blog on Egypt, you could add some more facts or information.

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