Sports Days By Emily 6CH

11 06 2018

Excitingly, in nine days time, sports day will approach us once again. We are all excited for the day because there is so many races from reception all the way up to the very competative year 6.

Over the course of the three days, their will be events such as sac race, basketball shootout and many more. Day one is for the key stage one children from reception up to year 2, day 2 is for the key stage twos from year 3 to year 6, Day 3 is for the whole school races which includes: sprinting (80m up to 100m) and the 600m ( year 4,5 and six only). This event takes place on the school field. To get into the races you have to do a trial. In year 6, we did the sprint first in heats. Heats are only their instead of placing 30 children in the same race. we also did the 600m in heats but because this is a choice, we did it in classes like 6CH boys then girls then 6CL boys then girls. I won my heat and Karly came second. Isaac won in his heat and Archie came second.

Unfortunately, I became injured after my race because, I hate to say it but I went to fast. My knee was hurting like mad and I could barely walk. I am alright now though. Sports Day is the best day of the year for me because I love sports and I believe that a few others enjoy it to. I wish everyone good luck on sports Day and hope you all have fun, cheer your team on and do your best if you are in the races.  See the source image Thank you to for letting us use their picture.



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