Basketball and athletics. By Amelia 6CH

12 06 2018

This week I will be attending a school basketball competition with my friends Rosie, D’Arcey ,Karly and also a couple of boys. We will be playing basketball all day to see if we are good enough to become county champions once again. The other children we will be playing against come from all different schools from around the area, but also they are very challenging. Rosie and I have done exceptionally well as we have been selected to play for East Midlands on the 24th June in Sheffield. We have had to work very hard for this opportunity as we have been doing several hours of training a week. The only problem is that out East Mids tournament is on the same day as when we go to Kingswood ,and we will have to travel many miles.

Changing the subject, about a week ago we had an athletics tournament which in my opinion went quite even though I do not know the results yet. but I guarantee I will be pleased with whatever it is.I think it was the hardest athletics competition I have competed in yet.

Anyway I think I am done for now.



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