Bubble Zorb by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Thursday, a spectacular event occurred up on our school field, which was Bubblezorb. We all got into a large blown up zorb ball and ran around and barged into each other, and for some people it hurt and got barged alot, for others they were having fun barging into others. Some went for two gos and they thought it was fun but some others got hurt and decided not to do it again. Most of my friends got smacked out of the ring and teamed on and I had to help one get back in to the action. I really hurt my fists and the next day I had scars there!


bubble zorb



One response to “Bubble Zorb by Charlie 6CH”

    14 06 2018
      Harry Portrey (06:49:40) :     Reply

    Would love to have taken part myself Charlie but there would have been a lot of clearing up to do after.

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