Molly 6Ch Painting by the canal

12 06 2018

A little while ago Year 6 met this man who came into are school (called Marvin) he works in a company called Lemon Pop. We had to draw things that we love about Northampton when we finished Marvin drew a portrait on a bridge mixing all of our ideas together. A couple of days after that Year 6 went in groups to go and paint the bridge everyone ended up covered from head to toe in different colour paints. When the bridge was all painted Marvin drew some other drawings and he chose a small group of Year 6 children to go and paint that drawing. He chose people who weren’t silly during that time, who painted nicely and who behaved; luckily I was chosen.



One response to “Molly 6Ch Painting by the canal”

    14 06 2018
      Harry Portrey (10:57:12) :     Reply

    What brilliant work you were doing molly. It was lovely to get the extra treat from this work as well!

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