Painting Under the M1 by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, I went under the M1 to paint a boat and tons of houses in a row. When we first walked down to it, on the way we came across some mosaics that we conveniently drew and painted last Year (year 5). When we made it, it was very cold but it was fun. Johnathan and I were chosen to paint the background all in blue and to finish off the non-finished parts on the wall. The next day, some people were chosen to go again and paint a seperate art piece which was a boat. The person who made the outline, who was called Marvin, did an outline of our schools name on the wall and the logo, which we also painted. My friends and I started painting the boat red and the bottom of the wall green for the grass. It all took a very long time top paint because it was a big boat. By the end, my hands were hurting drastically and I couldn’t stretch my hand out as it hurt so much.



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