Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead Ethan 5DF

17 09 2018

My name is Ethan and this is my blog…

These are my goals to complete by the end of the year:

  • Get to my 5th sticker chart.
  • Achieve all my Literacy targets at least once.
  • Improve my hand writing.
  • Get better at French.

So far I have found Year 5 very fun and it’s almost like you are free to do whatever you like! I have not found it too hard yet but the work is getting more challenging.  All the teachers are really friendly and give you help whenever you need it! I love my school!

Our topics are very fun and I always like to learn about them. Right now our topic in Art is water, and at the moment we are drawing forms of water with chalk. It is very fun! All the teachers have a good sense of humor and they are very helpful.

My presentation (so far) is brilliant and I would (try to) never drop a mark on a test. I really like doing tests because I can show my teachers all that I have learnt so far in the year.

This is my opinion of Year 5 so far:

  • The teachers are fantastic!
  • The work is very fun!
  • None of the teachers are mean.

So all round Year 5 is very, very good!




12 responses to “Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead Ethan 5DF”

    19 09 2018
      ruby (11:01:30) :     Reply

    Well done Ethan loved it!!

    19 09 2018
      lillian (11:03:53) :     Reply

    well done Ethan that was so good

    19 09 2018
      Nevina (11:10:27) :     Reply

    Cool! Good job, I would like my 5th card too.

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:11:46) :     Reply

    Well done Ethan.

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:17:56) :     Reply

    Thank you

    From Ethan

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:18:22) :     Reply

    Your blog was amazing, you are right though year 5 is amazing. Clara

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:18:37) :     Reply

    hi Ethan nice job

    From Lily

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:21:56) :     Reply

    I love your comment Ethan Henley.

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:25:30) :     Reply

    Ethan I really like your blog because you always write really good and explain it very well. Eva from 5DF

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:26:22) :     Reply

    OMG! you’re blog is awsome! from Abigail

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:27:38) :     Reply

    The blog was fantastic and I loved every second I hope you enjoy being on the school website and I hope people like the blog .:)

    19 09 2018
      year5fg (11:28:11) :     Reply

    Your blog is awesome! I love it!

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