Year 5 and my goals for this Year and ahead.Amy 5DF

19 09 2018

Hi I am Amy and this is my blog,

My first experience in Year 5 is Fun!All the teachers are kind and caring and they help us in all the help we need. Year 5 has got a lot more Tricky. When I was in year 4 I couldn’t wait till Year 5. I think I will accomplish more targets and a lot more things. I like English and Art, but at the start i didn’t really like geography but we are doing a really fun Subject(water) in it. This year I hope I can get more spellings right and try not to drop 1 mark. It has changed a lot because Year 5 has 4 teachers and in Year 4 we only had 2 teachers but there are some similarities like we still do comments on  Monday, Wednesday, Friday then one over the Weekend. I Love year 5 and It is amazing! I cannot believe this, because me and my sister Annie we literally switched teachers and I like that because now we know our new teachers a  little bit more than others. I love Year 5 and so far is has been the best year! I like it in year 5 because we have lots of great fun! They teach us lots and most things we didn’t know we all know now. I think if you have kids in no school I definitely recommend Delapre primary School for you!

Thank you for taking your time reading my blog!



One response to “Year 5 and my goals for this Year and ahead.Amy 5DF”

    27 09 2018
      year5c (13:09:56) :     Reply

    I couldn’t breathe when I read that! You did great Amy!


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