My summer holidays by Ellethea 5c

20 09 2018

In the summer holidays my grandad traveled 4 hours to come and see me and my family. He lives in Carlisle and we do not see him a lot . I also went on holiday to Hemsby and I stayed in a caravan . It was so fun . we ended up baby sitting a parrot that was very noisy and thought because it was awake it could ring the bell in its cage to wake my family up . I have a BLACK PUG  that is very lazy and is slow but she struggles to breathe because her face is so flat. I also had a sleep over with my friend Lola . I  made a new friend called Izzy and I play with her every day . Near my house, me and my sister made up something called wall run where there is a deep hill that you run across . It is really fun .



One response to “My summer holidays by Ellethea 5c”

    27 09 2018
      year5c (13:12:39) :     Reply

    Nice summer holiday it sounds like Ellethea. Was it fun? from Skye 5c

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