My summer holidays by Skye 5c

20 09 2018

Hello everyone,

My summer holiday was amazing. The first week was amazing because it was my birthday. For my wonderful birthday I got to see LITTLE MIX. I saw Neriah and Sydni and it was the best days of my life. I also got an I pad, arts and crafts and some other stuff. I went to Great Yarmouth for three days I went to the beach and in the sea every day then we went to some fun arcades and I had warm doughnuts after yum yum yummy. I also ate two McDonalds in a row. Moving on from my wonderful holiday, I went for a sleep over at three  of my friends Ashton, Sophie and Amy’s house. I saw my sister Chelsea and we had a cheeky McDonalds. It was soooooo much fun.



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    26 09 2018
      ruby (10:41:09) :     Reply

    Hi skye i love the text Ruby 5DF

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