Summer hols by Megan 5T

21 09 2018

In the summer hols it was my birthday.  I love Harry Potter. My mum got me a whole load of stuff . I got pj’s, a sign that said Ministry of magic this way and a lot more. I got a Smiggle pencil case and diary. My Nan took me to a Tudor day at Delapre Abbey. I got to dress up as a nun and a knight. Did you know that ladies in the Tudor times picked flowers and turned them into smelly things to get rid of the poo smell? So all they could smell was flowers.



9 responses to “Summer hols by Megan 5T”

    21 09 2018
      XxXKnightWolf2x (13:22:46) :     Reply

    It must have been a lovely holiday Megan from Charlie H

    21 09 2018
      XxXKnightWolf2x (13:24:20) :     Reply

    Happy Birthday for the summer Megs. I love Harry Potter too.

    21 09 2018
      Megan (13:26:09) :     Reply

    From Anas Great job super, piece of writing Megan

    21 09 2018
      Megan (13:28:06) :     Reply

    really good megan love it .

    from chantelle.

    21 09 2018
      Megan (13:28:47) :     Reply

    It sounded like you had an amazing summer holiday Megan by Phoebe 5T

    21 09 2018
      Megan (13:29:21) :     Reply

    Happy birthday for the hols Meg.Sounds like you had fun.

    From Lucy 5T.

    21 09 2018
      Megan (13:30:57) :     Reply

    I love the sound of going to a Tudor day at the abbey.I think your Blog is a lovely blog. Thank you for posting it.

    from Poppy xxx

    21 09 2018
      Megan (13:31:34) :     Reply

    love it!

    21 09 2018
      Megan (14:42:10) :     Reply

    Megan, this is hollie from home and i think that your hols is awsome!!!

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