Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead – Aryan 5DF

24 09 2018

So far I have delighted Year 5 and all the teachers are AWESOME, sometimes we get tricky work but I always try my best. My goals for Year 5 are going to be harder than my Year 4 goals because I’m in the higher stage of key stage 2.At the moment I am loving all the subjects and the lessons are very fun.I think I have settled into Year 5 extremely quickly.So far I think i have done amazing in Year 5, I have got better at everything thanks to my teachers. I feel like Year 5 will give good memories to me and my EPICĀ friends. At the end of Year 5 I will be upset to leave this class but excited to go into Year 6. I feel like I have increased my level of skill very much. I feel like I am all ready engrossed in the fantastic Year 5. At the moment Year 5 is one of my favorite years in school. There are lots of amazing things that I have done in Year 5 so far and I will do more fun things throughout the year. Thank you for reading my blog about Year 5. I hope you have an amazing time in your new class!




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    26 09 2018
      ruby (10:44:23) :     Reply

    Well done Aryan FRom Ruby 5df

    26 09 2018
      year5fg (10:49:39) :     Reply


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