Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead.Lily 5DF

24 09 2018

Hello my name is Lily, this is all about my experience in year 5

My experience so far in year 5 is that we do things a lot different than what we did in year 4 and its a big step coming into year 5 but so far, I’m enjoying it so much  and we have had the opportunity to walk to school and back from school so that’s going very well. It feels a little strange having one teacher on Monday ,Tuesday and Wednesday and the other teacher on Thursday and Friday but it’s okay (very confusing ). It also feels so strange that the old year 2 classes are now in our playground!I have been looking forward to coming into year 5 and it’s a lot better than I expected but I love it so much . My teachers are very nice and the whole class is enjoying the experience with our new teachers. When I got my report I looked straight away at who my teacher was and I was jumping up and down with happiness .Our teachers are teaching us so much information on space, the water cycle and rounding its so fun. I can’t even explain  how much I love it at Delapre and I definitely recommend  it.

Thank you for taking you’re time to read my blog.



4 responses to “Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead.Lily 5DF”

    26 09 2018
      lillian (10:43:46) :     Reply

    hi Lily AWESOME blog hope you enjoy this school year . Lillian

    26 09 2018
      year5fg (10:55:29) :     Reply


    26 09 2018
      year5fg (10:57:06) :     Reply

    Thanks Max lily 5df

    10 10 2018
      ruby (10:58:25) :     Reply

    WOW! Well done Lily this is amazing.

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