year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. Lukas 5DF

24 09 2018

I want to achieve a lot in year 5 such as further education and harder goals. I am settling in fine at the moment and stress isn’t a problemĀ yet. The lesson quality has encouraged me and I am continuing my job as I.T support technician with Ashton, I also help people in ICT when needed. English has interested me at the moment and so has Maths. Things are quite different but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the mornings are less rushed. As I am now approaching the end the primary school I want to make the the most of this place and learn as much as I can before going to secondary school and go through further education i have made a lot of friends here and i’m willing to make more. I am enjoying school more then I used to and feel like i’m making decent progress.




2 responses to “year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. Lukas 5DF”

    26 09 2018
      year5fg (10:49:58) :     Reply

    I bet you can accomplish more Lukas

    from Joe.

    26 09 2018
      Ruby (10:56:30) :     Reply

    well done Lukas

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