Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. Max 5DF

24 09 2018

On my first day at Delapre Primary School in year 5, l felt happy but a little scared but when l saw everyone, l felt happy and a lot better. On my second day, l felt like l have been in this school for years and l met a lot of people and teachers. l  really want have a good time in this year and make a lot of friends. l have been at delapre for a couple of weeks and everyone in my class has been nice to me. l play with a lot of people in my class and l have learnt a lot of new things all ready. l love this school so much because we do a lot of fun things. Also l have been helping my friend Lukas in the ICT sweet because his other helper is on holiday so l help him which is fun.



4 responses to “Year 5 and my goals for the year ahead. Max 5DF”

    26 09 2018
      year5fg (10:51:10) :     Reply

    well done Max hope you will enjoy school
    Jennifer 5df

    26 09 2018
      year5fg (10:54:06) :     Reply

    I think that you are settling in really well so far MAX.Really good blog.
    from PHOEBE 5DF

    27 09 2018
      year5c (13:19:22) :     Reply

    good job sydni5c

    8 10 2018
      tanaya 6CL (17:55:44) :     Reply

    I am sure it will be lots of fun.

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