Vue Cinema By Elliot

24 11 2017

Today we went into town to watch a film. The film is called Beauty and the Beast  out of  ten I would of rate it ten out of ten. I thought that the acting was amazing and the actors and actresses deserve a lot of credit. My favourite character was Belle because she was fearless so well done to Emma Watson!

Air Resistant by CHARLIE

23 11 2017

Recently in science we have been learning about air resistance. Yesterday we made spinners and saw how long it took for them to touch the ground. Each time we dropped the spinner we would chop 1cm off.

HERE IS A VIDEO!                                                            Watch this video to learn more!


cinema trip Sophie 5c

19 11 2017

Today we went to the CINEMA. We watched BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. It was a really good film.

There’s a website above which gives more information about the film.

Here’s a really good fact : BELLE  is HERMIONE  in HARRY POTTER!

If you haven’t watched HARRY POTTER then watch it right now!




Shape Poems by Adi

19 11 2017

Hi I’m Adi and this is a shape poem;

First of all thank you to the owners for letting me use this picture! Anyway…

if you click this tab/icon you will see lots of shape poems – any type of shape poems

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13 11 2017

In PE we’re learning about dance. We did dances in groups of four. My group was me, Noah, Leema and Rhianna.

 Image result for dance helicopter

This is a picture of someone doing the helicopter.

Poems By Elliot 5C

13 11 2017

In English we have been doing poems. The two poems we have been focusing on are shape poems and metaphor poems. Yesterday we did a poem about the moon. What we did first was draw a massive mind map to show all of our amazing ideas. We also tried to use onomatopoeia like pop, bang and sizzle.

Doing our first dance class by Ellie 5C

13 11 2017

In p.e today we were doing dancing and it was really fun. First we were doing a fun warm up. Then in the proper dance we did our warm up in it. The dance is really good and me Libby and Sophie did a brill freestyle in it.



Daisy shape poems 5c

13 11 2017

Yesterday we were making shape poems. I did my  poem in the shape of  a sparkler. I thought mine was really  good and we had really good pens to write in the shape of a sparkler.

surprise in P.E , Sophie 5c

13 11 2017

Today we had a surprise in P.E! We did DANCINGUsually  we would do some warm ups and games but not this week. We did a rollercoaster sort of DANCE. S0 we worked in groups of fours to form a rollercoaster. We did LOTS of repetition. We also had a FREESTYLE  round where we could do anything we wanted. 🙂

If you’re in interested in DANCE  here’s a website where you could learn more 🙂🙂   

Gravity by Charlie

13 11 2017

Recently in science we have been learning about GRAVITY! The are 3 types of GRAVITY,  PUSH,       PULL AND TWIST.


Magnets are stronger than gravity infact they are 5 times stronger than GRAVITY. Gravity is what holds everything to the ground.