My summer holidays by Ellethea 5c

20 09 2018

In the summer holidays my grandad traveled 4 hours to come and see me and my family. He lives in Carlisle and we do not see him a lot . I also went on holiday to Hemsby and I stayed in a caravan . It was so fun . we ended up baby sitting a parrot that was very noisy and thought because it was awake it could ring the bell in its cage to wake my family up . I have a BLACK PUG  that is very lazy and is slow but she struggles to breathe because her face is so flat. I also had a sleep over with my friend Lola . I  made a new friend called Izzy and I play with her every day . Near my house, me and my sister made up something called wall run where there is a deep hill that you run across . It is really fun .

My summer holidays by Skye 5c

20 09 2018

Hello everyone,

My summer holiday was amazing. The first week was amazing because it was my birthday. For my wonderful birthday I got to see LITTLE MIX. I saw Neriah and Sydni and it was the best days of my life. I also got an I pad, arts and crafts and some other stuff. I went to Great Yarmouth for three days I went to the beach and in the sea every day then we went to some fun arcades and I had warm doughnuts after yum yum yummy. I also ate two McDonalds in a row. Moving on from my wonderful holiday, I went for a sleep over at three  of my friends Ashton, Sophie and Amy’s house. I saw my sister Chelsea and we had a cheeky McDonalds. It was soooooo much fun.

Waste week by Finley

12 05 2018

Last week, was the best week I have ever had at Eco club. We had a scavenger hunt. We looked around the school . There were 16 cards in total. Me and Rhianna came third .It was a completion. Casey and Chris came 1st . Milly and   Madeline came 2nd . There was a prize. The prize was a Edf  Engey bug . We were given stickers to give out . There were good stickers and bad stickers. And we did our pledge. Mine was to put my left over Bananas in the compost bin. I gave one sticker out.

Dodge ball by Willow 5c

20 12 2017

Yesterday all three year 5  classes went to the gym to do some dodge ball. I was on the red team and I really enjoyed it. It’s a very fun game and I wish we could play again. My team got second place.


Thank you for letting us use this picture

Last week of term by Grantas

20 12 2017

There is only one week left of school. This past week we’ve been looking at Victorians in our history lessons. I love history, I look forward to it every week. We watched a few videos about Victorians on YouTube, one of the videos was made by kids and it had Victorian zombies in it.


  1. Queen Victoria died in 1901.

2. King Abert died in 1865.

3. If children were late to school they would be punished.



I want a HP computer or a MTB mountain bike by voodoo.


My new years resolution is to give up junk food, be more tidy, be more crazy (even though I’m already really crazy).

End of the second term for Finley

20 12 2017

At school lately we have been working very hard. In literacy we wrote in biography on Scrooge’s life. We have been studying a Christmas carol. I enjoyed writing about his life. Today is the Christmas fair. I will be in Mr Fisher’s class room helping. People will be guessing the snow man’s name. At Christmas I have been told I am being bought the new star wars game, Battle fought two. My new years resolution is to keep my peg not moved for my whole life.

Merry Christmas

Victorians by Ellie

20 12 2017

This last term we have been learning about the Victorians. Here are some facts about the Victorian times.

Fun facts:

1.At school if they were ill they still had to go to school.

2.If Victorian children were late for school or naughty for class they had to stand in the corner and wear a funny hat. The mean children would make fun of them.

3.They had to pass a test to go up to a higher year group.



The last week of school by Isabelle 5c

20 12 2017


I am so excited! I have loved these last few weeks, especially performing our christmas performance A Christmas Carol. I enjoyed it so much! In our English lesson we are writing a biography on Scrooge’s life. In our history lessons we were learning about Victorian children at school.


Last week of term by Leema 5C

20 12 2017

Next week is the last week of this term. I’m excited because I get to see my nieces during the holidays. I’m also sad because I really love school. This school year so far has been really fun and I’ll miss all the teachers especially Miss Cartwright. I’m also going miss my friends, my classmates, the dinner ladies & Mr. Portrey.  We have our own elf on the shelf in 5C and his name’s Corner. This troublemaking elf has 1: written something mean about Miss Cartwright. 2: knocked down the baubles of the mini Christmas tree except for one.

Last week of term – Rio

20 12 2017

Today the school is running a school fate.

All of the money we raise is going towards new equipment for the school.

Our classroom Elf on the shelf has not moved for the past 2 days, I wonder what he has planned next!

The 2nd day we had Elf on a shelf he took all the decorations off our xmas tree.

My Christmas resolution is to cut down on chocolate!!!!!!!!!