All the boys in my class BY Ethan 5L

13 11 2018

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8 11 2018

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SPACE! by Max

8 11 2018

Hey everyone,

This term, in science, we’re doing about the Sun, Earth, and Moon, which is an absolute joy for me. It is my favourite topic of all. Things right now are quite hard at the moment,but I love school, so i’m going to do my best at science. Lunchtimes are especially hard at the moment, with everyone being rude to our lunch lady, and I’m not going to name them, but they’re really making it hard for me. The Sun is basically a big ball of hydrogen, which is a type of gas. The Earth is the only planet that is able to have life form living on it, and the Moon is our 1, measly piece of rock that the Earth has managed to catch.


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8 11 2018

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Tyler 5L Jason

8 11 2018

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Shape poem by Holly 5L

8 11 2018


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Sydni 5L shape poem

8 11 2018

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Art in ICT Maciek 5L

8 11 2018

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Shape poems by lsla

8 11 2018

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8 11 2018

This is a halloween photo of an axe

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