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Oliver 5L – Apollo 11

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 is the historic mission of a man on the moon. Neil Armstrong, Micheal Collins, Buzz Aldrin     and NASA were part of the job. It took place on 24th July 1969. The rocket ship that took them there     was the Lunar Module Eagle.

  • Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin planted the American flag on the moon but when they were on their way back the rockets power made the flag fly away.
  • The first food eaten on the moon was a communion wafer .
  • Buzz Aldrin’s pen saved the mission

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Floods (1998) – Saule 5C

picture 119 years ago, there were 10 days of heavy rainfall. Raining and raining and raining without stopping for a rest. One morning, all the local residents of Far Cotton woke up to the swirl of water invading their innocent homes, and destroying anything that comes in its way! All their food was destroyed but luckily the local supermarkets such as Tesco were prepared. They had loaded lots and lots of food into gigantic lorries which were driven to the top of a hill for people with no food. Police knocked on everyone’s doors to make sure that nobody was left out.