Violin Sophie

19 10 2017

Lately at SCHOOL I’ve been playing the VIOLIN. I’ve really enjoyed it. I’ve been playing for a year now so now I’m in the SCHOOL ORCHESTRA. We’ve been practicing some pieces for a show later on in the SCHOOL year. My VIOLIN lesson is during SCIENCE so I do miss out on one of the most exiting topics SPACE. I am a bit sad and down in the dumps but I will get over it HOPEFULLY.

If you want to find out more about VIOLINS just click the link below:)

non chronological report Daisy

19 10 2017

Today in English we were writing non-chronological reports. I was doing it about the planet Earth, I was able to finish and draw a picture. On my picture I drew the Sun, the moon and the Earth. I did four paragraphs and one did you know box with facts.

tag rugby by dean

19 10 2017

So some of year 5 did a tag rugby tournament and I think it was amazing. We got different colours bib for our teams, and had different games. I hope our team can get to the finals.

Tag Rugby – by Daniel

19 10 2017

Every Tuesday we have been learning about Tag Rugby on the field.  This week we held a big tournament, my team didn’t win all of the games that we played, but we did win two games and I think that is really good for my team.

Neptune by Libby

19 10 2017

In English this week we have been learning to write a non-chronological report. I have been doing my topic on Neptune. I found a lot of facts! It is the furthest planet from the sun and so it is very, very cold. First we wrote random facts about our planet. Next we color coded them into paragraphs. Then after all that work we finally wrote it all together.

This is a link to a website I hope you will enjoy.

Grantas tag rugby

19 10 2017

In PE with Mr. Thomas we have been doing tag rugby. I want to join a tag rugby team. We don’t do full contact but it is great fun. I wonder what will happen if we were allowed.

Lucy – My last geography lesson ! :(

19 10 2017


Yesterday was my last geography lesson for this term.

We watched videos about water usage and one had my sister’s name!

We also did a hunt for clues around the school about water poverty.

So I’m going to show you a website about water usage.

Hope you enjoy the website. 🙂

MARS- by Charlie

19 10 2017

Recently in English we have been writing up non-chronological reports. Mars is the 4th planet from the sun. Mars has 2 moons Phobus(LEFT) and Deimos (ABOVE).

tag rugby Rio

19 10 2017

Since we have been in year 5 we have been doing tag rugby . This week we had a big rugby tournament. There were 8 teams I was on team B. Unfortunately we didn’t do it on Thursday because it was windy and cold.

here are some more facts

Moon Phases Libby

18 10 2017


In class we have been learning about moon phases. You might of noticed in the sky, every night the moon  changes, it looks different from the night before. That is because of the moon phases. Moon phases are caused by the moon rotating on it’s axis and the sun shining on different places of it. As you can see in the picture above, the moon phases go in a order starting with the New Moon and ending with the Waxing Crescent before it starts again.