Forces of gravity by Leema

13 11 2017

Yesterday we have been learning about forces of gravity in Science. Here are the 3 forces; push, pull and twist. Gravity pulls us down on the ground so we don’t float into the air. If you were going out for a bike ride, your feet would push the pedals so you can move. You would twist your whole body if you were going for a walk in a different direction.

This website could help you find out about forces of gravity.

New playground equipment by Finley 5C

13 11 2017

When i came back on the 30th of  October. There was some new sports equipment in the playground, it came with two kinds of sports, basketball and football. It is so fun. I want to thank Mr Casey and the PTA for arranging this for us.

Poem by Alfie 5c

13 11 2017

This week we have been doing something called shape poems which has been really fun. It is basically when you choose a subject and you put loads of words describing it, like BANG,POW, SIZZLE, POP, you put all those words togetherto make a shape poem.

Dance blog4 Grantas

13 11 2017

To day we did dance in PE. I don’t really like dancing. The warm up was fun though,and the first part of the dance. I like to watch people dance.When i mess around on my computer i watch dance fails. Heres a picture of Michael Jackson.×540/p01bqlx8.jpg



Dancing P.E – Rihards

13 11 2017

In P.E we have been doing dancing. I find dancing very embarrassing but my friends already find me embarrassing so I felt comfortable. 🙂 For dancing we have been doing a roller-coaster dance, my partners were Alfie, Elliot and Finley, we all found it fun.


My first dance lesson by Willow

13 11 2017

Today after break we went up to the gym and Miss Cartwight  told us that our new  unit was dance. The boys weren’t very happy but I was interested and it was very fun  and I enjoyed it  .

Here is a picture of  some dance  moves !

4 dance moves

dance by Dylan

13 11 2017

We had dance in P.E it was really fun . Some of the moves felt weird, I danced like this.



funny dance football GIFs


Image result for dance pics

i’d like to thank this website for this pic i like it.

Phoenix’s 5C blog: back to school

13 11 2017

Hi, my names Phoenix and I just got back to school. First it was maths, In maths I got 12/12 in a times tables test on my  nines. Next it was Literacy where we planned a poem. Next we had break time me Charlie, Lucy, willow, Logan and Noah played dinos where Charlie is the dino.

Lucy : my first dance lesson! :0

13 11 2017

Today i had my first dance lesson and i learnt a lot of new dance moves.

I had a lot of fun and i can not wait for next week! 

Here is a website and a picture !


thank you

Jumping Dancer multi coulured

Tell me what is your favorite dance move is and why 


Don’t stop believing Willow

20 10 2017

This week we have been learning about a boy band called Journey  and the song that we have been focusing

by loads of people around the world