Last term blog post by Willow

20 12 2017

This week has been very different because  I haven’t been given any homework, which I like . After school  it is the school fair and my class is doing the cookie decorating. This Christmas I’m going to my Nannie’s house in Liverpool. I’m hoping for a pair of roller-skates and a chess board . My New years resolution is to eat more healthy things.


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white tree

Last week of term; Noah

20 12 2017

Hi, it’s Noah this week is the last week of term.

On Tuesday we had a mat ball tournament.

Today I did relay races.

For Christmas I want a PS4 and F1 2017.


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Chrismas play 5c by Logan

14 12 2017

This week we did our chrismas play. It was called Christmas Carol.  Ebenezer Scrooge was a mean tight fisted miserable old miser.

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  A Christmas Carol

Dodge Ball by Grantas

14 12 2017

On Thursday we played dodge ball, because we couldn’t go out side on the field because there was not enough staff. I was on the green team, I wanted Peter to be on my team but he was on the white team. One time I was last one standing, Rilley was on the other team so we had a 1v1. It was fun but I got him on the shins, the game would have gone a little longer if he didn’t fall.

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Go down to watch a video.




Dodgeball by Libby

14 12 2017


This week we had a game of dodgeball in P.E. All three classes were split in to about 10 teams. My team was the yellow team and we came in first place because of bonus points.



Image result for dodgeballClick here for a video of dodgeball

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Click here for a dodgeball website



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Dodge ball by Rio

14 12 2017

Yesterday we had a dodge ball tournament .

I was on the green team.

Surprisingly my team came 2nd and Ali was captain

UHD Sports & Fitness

UHD Sports & Fitness


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English by Sophie 5C

14 12 2017

  In ENGLISH we have been doing stuff about SCROOGE (me in  the CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE) 

While we’re talking about it the CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCE went really well.

I can’t wait till I see myself on the CD.

Anyway, here’s  a link to a website which is all about THE CHRISTMAS CAROL!

Hopefully this website is of great use


If you’ve seen SCROOGE before you know HOW UGLY HE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a picture which you can look at so you can see him.

Close you’re eyes just in case…


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Dodgeball – Rihards 5C

14 12 2017

This week in Year 5 we have been playing Dodge Ball! We were supposed to go up to the field but it was raining T_T. My team was the Light Blue team And I was the captain! Unfortunately we came second last :c. On one of the games I was one of the last people, but then my friend FINLEY kept talking to me and distracting me which made me get out of the game. Then on a different game I wasn’t paying attention attention behind me and a person got me. Thankyou  for letting me use this picture!



Daisy 5c Christmas carol

14 12 2017

This Wednesday we did our actual Christmas play. I was really nervous. But when I finished my part I was pretty sure that I did very well. We had to sing 2 Christmas songs and then at the end we had to sing we wish you a merry Christmas twice.

Vue Cinema By Elliot

24 11 2017

Today we went into town to watch a film. The film is called Beauty and the Beast  out of  ten I would of rate it ten out of ten. I thought that the acting was amazing and the actors and actresses deserve a lot of credit. My favourite character was Belle because she was fearless so well done to Emma Watson!