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Anglian Water By Lacey 5T

Anglian Water

A few days ago, we has a visit from a member of Anglian Water called Richard. He taught us about how water is cleaned and transfered into our home. Each table had cube-shapes buckets and we had to put random thing in there like cotton buds, washing powder, water, dehydrated urine and other things. It looked like dirty coke or SUPER dirty chocolate milkshake! He also told us a story about A puppy being flushed down the toilet.  We had a worksheet similar to the picture above, where we had to stick in the paragraphs that tell you about what happens and you have to stick them in the right places. Well, I have to leave now. If you want me to tell you the Puppy story, ask me. Bye.

Nottingham Castle – Tari 5T

On Wednesday the 22nd of March 2017 Year 5 went to Nottingham Castle to learn more about Robin Hood. Firstly, we entered a dark hole which is also known as Mortimer’s hole and we followed a the tunnel where Robin hood crept and rescued Maid Marian. Then we ended up in the sheriff’s deadly wine cellar. After that, we entered the exhibition for 30 minutes and we searched for answers that were on the walls on big pieces of paper. Next, we had our tasty refreshing lunch and after we that we went to a drama room where some people acted as Robin Hood, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and many more. After that, we got to hold some ancient pottery and tried some armour on. I tried on the extreme heavy chain mail . Sadly, we had to leave Nottingham Castle but apart from that I had a wonderful time. My favorite part was when we met Friar Tuck and entered Mortimer’s hole.