My Summer Holiday By Kornelia – 5T

21 09 2018

This summer I went to Poland. It takes two hours to get there. Poland is not that big but it,s really really fun there. I went to town and there was a cat cafe. There were so many cats there and I got a cat chocolate ice cream with whipped cream and some chocolates at the top. It was the first time I seen a cat cafe. I also went to see my cousin who is nearly 8. It was also my aunt’s wedding it was so fun at the wedding. But we had to stay in a hotel. Boring. It was so much fun especially going to the cat cafe. I LOVE POLAND

Year 5 by Phoebe 5T

21 09 2018

I am really liking year 5 as it is so interesting and awesome because I learn new things every day. I am getting used to it now. My teachers are really nice but sometimes if people are naughty, they get a little angry to show that you do not do it again, but other than that, they are amazing and helpful teachers. If you need help, they show you how to do it so you will understand how to carry on with it. I can image it will be a great year. In a couple of terms later, I think I will achieve lots of things because of Mr Thomas and Miss Norman.

Summer hols by Megan 5T

21 09 2018

In the summer hols it was my birthday.  I love Harry Potter. My mum got me a whole load of stuff . I got pj’s, a sign that said Ministry of magic this way and a lot more. I got a Smiggle pencil case and diary. My Nan took me to a Tudor day at Delapre Abbey. I got to dress up as a nun and a knight. Did you know that ladies in the Tudor times picked flowers and turned them into smelly things to get rid of the poo smell? So all they could smell was flowers.

The Victorians Melody

20 12 2017

In history we’ve been learning about the Victorians and how some people lived in poverty. We watched videos about the jobs some children had to do down in the coal mines. Then we wrote a report pretending to be a Victorian child in poverty talking about our every day life.

In door Athletics by Julia and Jake

15 11 2017

On Tuesday, we had in door P.E with Miss Cartwight, Mr Thomas and  Mr Fisher. We all had so much FUNNNNNN!!!!!! We had choices 1-10, Jake’s favourite was speed bounce until he fell over and his head bounced into out of space (he wasn’t hurt though!) and  Julia’s favourite was the same as Jake’s. That is all for now. See ya in the next blog post! BYE!!!!!!!


Kingswood Trip 2018 – Vicky

13 11 2017

Next year we wil be going on a residential trip to Kingwood, a friend ( a year older than me ) told us it was really fun. The trip will have lots of activities like:

  • Zip-lining
  • Swimming

And much more. I hope to have a great time there. I feel like as I’m excited now, when we actually go, I’ll be a LOT nervous. I can’t wait to go!

shape poems Aisha

10 11 2017

We have been doing shape poems about bonfire night, we did 3 poems; sparkler, Catharine wheel and the rocket. We read weird ones like Ghost. Here are some shape poems.

vist this websits to see original image.

Image result for bonfire shape poemImage result for bonfire shape poem

Happy Diwali (Macie)

20 10 2017

If you did not know, in R.E we are learning about the hindu festival Diwali and it is a festival to remember the story of Rama and Sita which I find very interesting to learn about.

Diwali is the festival of light so in our art calss we made our own lanterns to put up in the hall so everybody will be able to see our amazing project.

We made our own lamps and their proper name is Diva Lamps (which is quite funny).

They look amazing. The colours I used were burnt orange and deep green (they are good contrasting colours).

Also we are making shadow puppets (there also going in the hall) and I got Sita but my friend Rayhan got Rama. She didn’t want Rama so she asked me if she could have Sita I said yes cause I am a good friend. Then I didn’t want Rama so Mrs Masters (a teacher) had Queen KyKy and I wanted her so I got her (that was hetic my fingers hurt now!). So yeah that was kind of a drama scence 🙂

I hoped you liked my little paragraph and I will hope to be posting a blog again!

Happy Diwali!!

and a goodbye!!

Anglian Water cycle by Chantelle ;)

20 10 2017

Hi my name is Chantelle welcome back.

On Wednesday, a person called Richard came to talk to us about  how the water goes to our homes. So the water comes from the pipes under our homes then travels. Also we use a lot more  water than an average person does and did you know that an average personAnglian Wateruses hundred and forty four liters? Did you know there has been lots of odd things going inside of the pipes and filling up and blocking the sewage pipes? Take a look at a website. There are lot of things inside pipes like a wedding rings, false teeth, baby wipes and toys and hair-curlers .  Please don’t put grease, oil and fat down the sink because poor people have to clean those pipes so tell everybody not to put oil, grease and baby wipes and toys. Bye! Comment down below. Bye 🙂


Anglia Water visit by Aston.

20 10 2017

Anglian Water

 Hello again, I hope you liked my last blog.

Yesterday, a man called Richard from Anglia Water came round to talk about how to not wast water. And what should go down the toilet. We had lots of fun and we didn’t get too silly. He should us how to make sewage. It was disgusting