Anglia Water by Paige

18 10 2017

Anglian Water

Last week a man named Richard came to visit year 5. He was from Anglia Water, he showed us how water is cleaned and it was very interesting. Richard was very kind to year 5 and gave them a pencil to us at home. liked the bit when we had to make the water dirty. I am glad Richard came and i hope you are too. See you soon for my next blog bye bye.

The Anglia water trip by Tanaya

18 10 2017

Anglian Water

Hi I am going to be telling you about a recent visit we have had from a person from the Anglia water company. A man named Richard came in to talk to us about how he cleans sewage water. We got given a pot each and a bottle of water, Richard told us to use the water that we had in the bottle to clean the cups on our tables using only a paintbrush. It was a very hard because we had to use the least water to win. Sadly,our table lost we used more water. After break, each table were given a tub wich was full of clean water. Then one by one we were given some things to put in the clean water like what they found down the pipes. Before Richard went we were given a bookmark saying what we were going to do in our house or anywhere to save water. We were also given a pencil i thought it was wondereful, thank you Richard!











18 10 2017

Phases of the moon

In science were learning about the phases of the Moon.There is waxing gibbous, first quarter, full, waning  gibbous, third quarter, waning crescent, new and  waxing crescent. These phases of the Moon are all different and have different names so we wont get mixed up whith them.

Phases of the Moon Melody

18 10 2017


In science we’ve been learning about the phases of the moon.It has been very interesting!We’ve learnt that they have different names but a lot of them sound the same so it was very confusing.To help us Mr.Thomas  put up pictures of the phases and wrote down there names and then we had to put down the names on our writing sheets.The position of the Moon and the Earth is what causes the phases.


Thank you for reading my blog

moon phases diagram

Increasing your knowledge about Delapre by Ahlam

18 10 2017

Hi guys it’s me and I am at home right now but I just want to tell you about Delapre. Basically at our school we have differrent year groups . From reception to year 6. We also have a cards and the cards have little boxes for us to  stick stickers on . When we finish our card we get a certificate at assembly . After our first card we get our next card . Our cards are in colours: 1st is red, 2nd is blue, green, pink then on and on until card 8 . At the end if you finish your card you get be headteacher for the day which is very fun. But obviously you have to do it with the headteacher!!!!  At break Times we get separated ks2 get their own playtime ks1 get Theor own playtime. Our head teacher is very nice ,no offence to other head teachers but Mr Portery is simply just THE BEST!!! 

This is the end of my blog about Delapre primary school . But don’t you worry I will always be back to tell you more!!!


R.E and Art By Molly

18 10 2017

In R.E we are learning about the story of  Rama and Sita. At the end of the story they come back from the jungle with the monkey king and Rama’s brother. Every one in the village lit their windows with lights.

Here is the story:

Rama was crowned king, his step mother didn’t want him to so she told the old king to send Rama and his wife, Sita to the jungle. The demon king Ravana tricked Sita with a golden faun. He then captured Sita and put her in Lanka.

The monkey king found Sita and told Rama. Rama had a battle with Ravana and won with his magic arrow. They came back and the village put lights out their window. In art we are making Diva lamps which are the lights they hang out their window. This story is told at the feast of Diwali.


water cycel by sam

14 10 2017

We had a visit from Anglia water and we made sewage, it was disgusting. Then the man told us about false teeth and how a man lost his false teeth in the toilet and then when he went to find them he tried lots of pairs that weren’t his teeth! Anglian Water

Boost your knowledge on Jupiter By Molly 5T

14 10 2017
  • Jupiter is the largest planet in our Solar System, it is so big you could fit more than one thousand Earths inside.
  • People say Jupiter is Earths big brother and Earth got a girlfriend which was the Moon so Jupiter was jealous so he got sixty seven Moons instead.
  • If you try to land on Jupiter you wouldn’t make it and you would sink.Image result
  • Jupiter has sixty seven Moons.
  • A day in Jupiter is 9 hours.
  • It takes ten hours for Jupiter to spin on its axis once.
  • Thank you to for the picture

Phases of the Moon! by Loraine

14 10 2017

 In science, we were learning about space. Last week, we learnt about the phases of the Moon.

These are the phases of the Moon:                     phases of the moon

  • * New Moon
  • * Waxing Cresescent
  • * First Quarter
  • * Waxing Gibbous
  • * Full Moon
  • * Waning Gibbous
  • * Last Quarter
  • * Waxing Crescent

Phases of the Moon, by CALLUM 5T

14 10 2017

9121809882_970f495716_b (1)In science we are looking at the moon phases and we know the names of the moon. When it turns into a crescent it can either be the waxing crescent or the waning crescent. When we were learning about the moons phases we learnt that even though the MOON looks still it is not still. It circles us so that we can only see the man on the moon and not the dark side. I hope that this blog helped you a tiny bit about the moon and that now if any of your friends tell you about this i hope you will remember about the thing you learnt about today,  THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!