Egypt – Georgina 6CH

12 06 2018

Recently in class we have been studying ancient Egypt and modern Egypt it has been fascinating. Did you know that in ancient Egypt they wore eye makeup called kalo? Both men and women wore it was said to give healing powers and the sun gave it stronger powers also one faro named his daughter  face book  which gave the name to the app face book. EgSee the source imageypt was fascinating to learn about. The website used is called

Bubble Zorb by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Thursday, a spectacular event occurred up on our school field, which was Bubblezorb. We all got into a large blown up zorb ball and ran around and barged into each other, and for some people it hurt and got barged alot, for others they were having fun barging into others. Some went for two gos and they thought it was fun but some others got hurt and decided not to do it again. Most of my friends got smacked out of the ring and teamed on and I had to help one get back in to the action. I really hurt my fists and the next day I had scars there!


bubble zorb

Cricket Tournament By Sami 6CH

12 06 2018

Today the cricket tournament is starting and I am very excited to play. I am going to be presenting all of the things that I have learnt and why I am excited for the tournament.

One of the things that all of us have learned throughout of our training is the chin-knee-toe technique. It is done by have your chin knee and toe on the same level. An old cricketer was nicknamed the chin-knee-toe man because he invented it. My brother is very good at cricket and ever since I was a child I have been playing against him but he has always beaten me with his different types of bowling. So during this tournament I want to play really well to see my improvement and tell my brother how I played and have a rematch.

I have been in a tournament before but I didn’t accomplish much because the year 6’s were the main reason we won. However, now that I am in year 6 I’m going to play the best that I can and  definitely not going to lose easily. A few of my friends will not be participating in this tournament because they are in Portugal playing football but we still have to try.

We don’t have as many players as we did last year but we have to do our best. We have been taught how to bowl faster, bat faster, bowl more accurately and bat with better accuracy all for this moment…

We hope for the best and will prove that we will do well!

Molly 6Ch Painting by the canal

12 06 2018

A little while ago Year 6 met this man who came into are school (called Marvin) he works in a company called Lemon Pop. We had to draw things that we love about Northampton when we finished Marvin drew a portrait on a bridge mixing all of our ideas together. A couple of days after that Year 6 went in groups to go and paint the bridge everyone ended up covered from head to toe in different colour paints. When the bridge was all painted Marvin drew some other drawings and he chose a small group of Year 6 children to go and paint that drawing. He chose people who weren’t silly during that time, who painted nicely and who behaved; luckily I was chosen.


12 06 2018


The year sixes have been working their socks off to present and perfect their lines. I won’t reveal a lot but I will say two things: the play is based on the two World Wars and it will be … AWESOME!!!!!!!

There are 6 scenes in total. Each one will fill you with laughter. We all hope you enjoy it. The word ‘we’ includes: all 60 of us students and all of our teachers that helped us in producing (trying not to brag) our masterpiece.


12 06 2018

Kingwood is coming for all the year 5 and year 6 it is going to be a one and a life time oppertunity and it is in 13 days and I am counting down my bags are already packed. Its going to be really fun its going to be like as big sleep over will all your friends

There are going to be lots off activities there are the leap of faith, climbimg, caving ,sports, quad-bikes and we go to the beach and at the end  we have a party and we will be sad when we have to go.


Basketball and Athletics By Rosie 6CH

12 06 2018

This week I will be attending a school basketball competition with my friends Amelia, D’Arcey and Karly and also a couple of boys. We will be playing basketball all day to see whether we can become the basketball county champions once again. It is challenging but it is very exciting to see if we can get in the semi finals and progress to the finals. In addition, Amelia and I have done exceptionally well as we have been selected to go through and play for the East Midlands which is being held at Sheffield. We had to go through a lot of hard work to get where we are now but the work has payed off. The only problem is that our important competition is on the day we go to Kingswood so we will have to do travel a long way.

About a week ago, I competed in athletics tournament which was the hardest one yet. We haven’t yet heard the results but I will be happy as I participated.

That’s all for now.

Basketball and athletics. By Amelia 6CH

12 06 2018

This week I will be attending a school basketball competition with my friends Rosie, D’Arcey ,Karly and also a couple of boys. We will be playing basketball all day to see if we are good enough to become county champions once again. The other children we will be playing against come from all different schools from around the area, but also they are very challenging. Rosie and I have done exceptionally well as we have been selected to play for East Midlands on the 24th June in Sheffield. We have had to work very hard for this opportunity as we have been doing several hours of training a week. The only problem is that out East Mids tournament is on the same day as when we go to Kingswood ,and we will have to travel many miles.

Changing the subject, about a week ago we had an athletics tournament which in my opinion went quite even though I do not know the results yet. but I guarantee I will be pleased with whatever it is.I think it was the hardest athletics competition I have competed in yet.

Anyway I think I am done for now.

Kingswood Maisey 6CH

12 06 2018

In a few weeks, year 5 and 6 are going to Kingswood were we do lots of fun activities. The school sped lots of there time preparing this for us so we can have a lovely time.  We don’t have much more time until we leave since it is 2 weeks away. Some of the activities we will get very messy because you wear a blindfold and go through lots of mud. Other activities you do a leap of faith with means you jump off of a tall thin post and hold onto a metal bar and swing.



Painting Under the M1 by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, I went under the M1 to paint a boat and tons of houses in a row. When we first walked down to it, on the way we came across some mosaics that we conveniently drew and painted last Year (year 5). When we made it, it was very cold but it was fun. Johnathan and I were chosen to paint the background all in blue and to finish off the non-finished parts on the wall. The next day, some people were chosen to go again and paint a seperate art piece which was a boat. The person who made the outline, who was called Marvin, did an outline of our schools name on the wall and the logo, which we also painted. My friends and I started painting the boat red and the bottom of the wall green for the grass. It all took a very long time top paint because it was a big boat. By the end, my hands were hurting drastically and I couldn’t stretch my hand out as it hurt so much.