Kingswood Beatrice 6CH

12 06 2018


Kingswood  is coming up soon and everyone is excited but also nervous.I cant wait to see what challenges are waiting for me to face. I hope I can do all of them!

Kingswood is a trip where year 5 and 6 children go away for 5 days and have a great time with their classmates and do different activities.


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Bubble zorbing .Tunmise 6CH

12 06 2018

Bubble zorbing was incredibly awesome. Literally it was just so amazing and it just felt like you were wearing a tight sumo suit over your head and you were playing bumper karts. I found it pretty hard to breath so I had to go out but despite that, the bubble zorbing was indcredibly awesome. The people who weren’t bubble zorbing, got to role down the hill. It was a bit of a surprise because I didn’t think Miss Choudury would let us role down the hill but she actually let us role down the hill. We just had some fun and chilled while the other children had tuns of fun crashing into each other. This bubble zorbing activity had a purpose as well. The bubble zorbing was to raise money for Kingswood that is why people should be grateful that they got to do the bubble zorbing and one of the things I liked about the bubble zorbing was when anytime I fell own the oraganizors helped me up. It was a very lovely and kind thing to do. The bubble zorbing was epic I enjoyed it very much and I kind of want to do it again sometime. YAY BUBBLE zorbing!

Dodge Ball with Isaac 6ch

12 06 2018

The other week me and my class mates did dodge ball in P-E, Miss Choudhury split us up into 4 groups. She made sure that the teams were fear by giving the teams girls and boys. Are team had Isaac, Bailey, Karly, Louie , Tari, Sami and D’Arcey. Are team didn’t lose a game and we won each game by at least 2 points.


Kingswood Coming Up- D’Arcey 6CH

12 06 2018

At the end of June, year 5 and 6 will be heading out on a Sunday morning to school, yes I know not the best thing to be doing on the last day of the weekend, getting up early and having our last breakfast and bath/shower before heading out to Kings wood and getting extremely muddy and disgustingly smelly. But don’t worry I’m pretty sure we’ll be allowed to have showers at night and freshen up before we head back to our cozy dorms to see all of our mates and then slowly drift into a dream thinking about what’s next. The leap of faith, swimming, blindfolded walk, cricket on the beach you never know. But just don’t forget to enjoy your time whilst it last.

blindcricket beach

kingswood dormsleap-of-faith


12 06 2018

Do you know what a Delapre child is?????

When you see a teacher say good morning or good-afternoon we don’t  just say hi

Stand to the side if you are coming and someone else is coming at the same time

Ask if they need a hand

That is just the beginning to be a Delapre child now I am going to tell you some of the things we don’t do.

We are not mean to people we are the opposite

We don’t leave new people we help them if they don’t know where to go

We all love Delapre its a loving school we don’t need people to come and destroy it .

Bubble Zorbin by Saffron 6ch

11 06 2018

Bubble Zorbin was fun. Me and all my friends kept bumping in to each other and having a great time together it was on the field after lunch time. It got so hot in the bubble that people got sweaty when they came out of them every year group had a go even receptions had a try. We had ten minutes in the bubble it was short I guess time flys when your having fun. After our turn we sat down, watched the people in are year or played on the field.

SATS By Tyler 6CH

11 06 2018

At the end of May all of year 6 did their SAT’S it took us 4 days to complete them all. Then we were getting closer and closer to SAT’S I was getting more and more nervous but when we did are first test we all thought that it wasn’t really that hard then we did another one still wasn’t really hard. Then we did the next two still not hard. Then we did the last one…. that was still not hard but every time we did the next one and the next one I was so scared how hard they would be but what I would say to you is don’t be scared SAT’S are nothing just think of it as a normal test. So at the end was glad that I done them and their are finished with.

Dodgeball -by Bailey 6ch

11 06 2018

Last week, we did dodgeball in PE. The teachers split us up into 4 teams. i was in a team with Isaac, Karly, Sami, D`Arcey, Tari and Louie. This was exciting for us because we are all good friends. ROUND 1… Our teacher threw the ball into the air and I knocked it back into our team. Isaac caught it and catapulted it into a group of players, eliminating all of them. well the the three that were there. Suddenly, I see a nother ball flying at my team. This was my opportunity to let my skill out… I launched the ball into the air and hit two people. Did i mention that you have to hit someone in the knee or under to eliminate them? We had won the first round… and the next… and the next. Suddenly, i saw the final team we were facing. it consisted of Razvan, Archie, Maks,Charlie, Rosie, Amelia and George… all of which were some of the best players in the year…

(10 minutes later) It was me and Issac vs Archie and George. Both pairs had swarms of the opposition behind them because when your out, you go behind the other team and a bench and your team can throw balls over to you and you can eliminate the enemy from behind. Maks, who was behind me had a ball and Archie had a ball. Isaac was on the on the other side of the pitch so they both went for me. Maks was first to throw. I jumped over it but as I landed, Archies ball came zipping over to me. I hesitated… I span… And I dodged it! Now was my chance to shine. I picked up one of the balls and gave the other to isaac. we both hit Archie in the calf, getting him out immediately. I hear a distant chatter in my ear and Amelia ran on. The teachers let her help! Me and Isaac were furious when Maks, Rosie, Beatrice and maisey ran on. And we STILL won!

That was one of the first times that I won all 4 games. For the rest of the day, me and isaac were beaming. not only with happiness but with sweat aswell. Us two got MVP and men of the match from our team. Thats all I have to say. I will upload blogs on different subjects when I can. See you next time! Bye!

The exciting trips-Damian 6CH

11 06 2018

Last year, we were doing the mosaic project and the people how made it happen came back  and we went to the canals. At the canals the was loads of graffiti so we painted over it that was an exciting experiment . A few weeks later, zorbing   came and pretty much ever one like it . It was fun because I hit other people over and they hit me over. In a few weeks time both of the year 6 classes will be going to kingswood.

Sports Days By Emily 6CH

11 06 2018

Excitingly, in nine days time, sports day will approach us once again. We are all excited for the day because there is so many races from reception all the way up to the very competative year 6.

Over the course of the three days, their will be events such as sac race, basketball shootout and many more. Day one is for the key stage one children from reception up to year 2, day 2 is for the key stage twos from year 3 to year 6, Day 3 is for the whole school races which includes: sprinting (80m up to 100m) and the 600m ( year 4,5 and six only). This event takes place on the school field. To get into the races you have to do a trial. In year 6, we did the sprint first in heats. Heats are only their instead of placing 30 children in the same race. we also did the 600m in heats but because this is a choice, we did it in classes like 6CH boys then girls then 6CL boys then girls. I won my heat and Karly came second. Isaac won in his heat and Archie came second.

Unfortunately, I became injured after my race because, I hate to say it but I went to fast. My knee was hurting like mad and I could barely walk. I am alright now though. Sports Day is the best day of the year for me because I love sports and I believe that a few others enjoy it to. I wish everyone good luck on sports Day and hope you all have fun, cheer your team on and do your best if you are in the races.  See the source image Thank you to for letting us use their picture.