My summer holidays by Skye 5c

20 09 2018

Hello everyone,

My summer holiday was amazing. The first week was amazing because it was my birthday. For my wonderful birthday I got to see LITTLE MIX. I saw Neriah and Sydni and it was the best days of my life. I also got an I pad, arts and crafts and some other stuff. I went to Great Yarmouth for three days I went to the beach and in the sea every day then we went to some fun arcades and I had warm doughnuts after yum yum yummy. I also ate two McDonalds in a row. Moving on from my wonderful holiday, I went for a sleep over at three  of my friends Ashton, Sophie and Amy’s house. I saw my sister Chelsea and we had a cheeky McDonalds. It was soooooo much fun.

Bubble Zorb by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Thursday, a spectacular event occurred up on our school field, which was Bubblezorb. We all got into a large blown up zorb ball and ran around and barged into each other, and for some people it hurt and got barged alot, for others they were having fun barging into others. Some went for two gos and they thought it was fun but some others got hurt and decided not to do it again. Most of my friends got smacked out of the ring and teamed on and I had to help one get back in to the action. I really hurt my fists and the next day I had scars there!


bubble zorb

Painting Under the M1 by Charlie 6CH

12 06 2018

On Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning, I went under the M1 to paint a boat and tons of houses in a row. When we first walked down to it, on the way we came across some mosaics that we conveniently drew and painted last Year (year 5). When we made it, it was very cold but it was fun. Johnathan and I were chosen to paint the background all in blue and to finish off the non-finished parts on the wall. The next day, some people were chosen to go again and paint a seperate art piece which was a boat. The person who made the outline, who was called Marvin, did an outline of our schools name on the wall and the logo, which we also painted. My friends and I started painting the boat red and the bottom of the wall green for the grass. It all took a very long time top paint because it was a big boat. By the end, my hands were hurting drastically and I couldn’t stretch my hand out as it hurt so much.

My first blog post by Jack

29 09 2017

Hello my name is Jack and this is my first blog post. Yesterday, we were supposed to go 0n a trip but the teachers cancelled it. They made it up to us by having a massive dodgeball game. In English, we are working on the moon boy and soon we are gonna write a diary about it. In Science, we are learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon. The Moon is the smallest then it goes Earth then the Sun.

First Blog – Rihards 5C

21 09 2017

My name is Rihards, I’m a nine year old boy who comes from Latvia, and I think my school is the best and here’s why. The children are all friendly and I would count them all as my friends the same as the teachers. Even if you already know the facts you will still learn something new and be entertained at the same time. Right now we are learning about water, in art and geography. In art we are making pictures of the sea, which I personally found it very enjoyable. In geography we are learning how to save water which i personally don’t do very well with. >_< My teacher is Miss Cartwright and she is very friendly and fun! c:

Joe-My first blog post

21 09 2017

So far year 5 is Amazing. It’s a bit challenging but isn’t that what it’s all about ,being challenged? Anyway art is my favourite lesson but an art trip was cancelled that was sad but the teachers made it up in P.E. We played dodgeball which was super fun,the yellow and dark blue teams won. i was on the white team.

My first blog post 5c Grantas

21 09 2017


Year 5 is getting harder and harder. Today, we were supposed to go on a Art trip but it got cancelled, but  the teachers made it up for a dodgeball P.E lesson which was really FUN.  My favorite lesson is Art, we have been learning about a English Artist that was inspired by water. We used oil pastels to do our art. In  literacy we have been learning about  Apollo 11 and the crew including Neil Armstrong. In humanities we have been learning about water. A uk average person uses 144 litres a day.

Alf’s first blog post 5C

21 09 2017

these past few weeks we have been doing a lot of work.In maths we have been learning on how to round number from 10 to 100,000 I have got confused a lot but when you get the hang of it your spot on. In English we have been learning about Apollo 13 and how they had a succsesful failiure .Today we were supposed to go on an art trip but it was cancelled and that was disappointing but the teacher made up for it by having a massive tournement of Geography we have been learning about water and how much we should use a day, we had homework to see how much water we used in a day and my family uses less water than the U.K average.


River Walk Miss L 4L

7 09 2017




Ausrine 5T – Year 5

19 12 2016

Year 5 has been a magnificent experience including ICT, Science and Religious Education. Before all this had happened as you will now, it had been the summer holidays. Most of you maybe went on holiday but sadly I did not get to. I had a really fun time because it was my dad’s birthday and also I got to go to the beach.

I really like being in school because I enjoy being back in it with my friends. Also, I like learning about water in humanities because when our class got the homework I liked it for some strange reason. Obviously I like ICT because we get to do blogging and when we do it we will get to add pictures and videos which I really want to do. I also like literacy because we get to do Alice in wonderland because of the writing that I also like to do.

Amusingly, in science we are learning about the solar system and it is really fun. By now I know all my planets that are in the solar system.

I know that you will like this lesson because it is Tag Rugby. In Tag Rugby we are learning about defence. Also, if you tried it I know that you will love doing it.

Year 5 is just magnificent!!!