What we do in year 5 – Tyler 5t

19 12 2016

Hello, welcome to 5t.

I like year 5. It is really fun in 5t because you get to do warm ups to get your brain started for the day. We learn about how not to waste water in Humanities. My favourite thing in year 5 is the homework. My favourite homework is the maths because you get to do number lines and you get to order numbers. We have Mrs Masters and Mr Kelly. They’re really fun because with Mrs Masters we get to do art and with Mr Kelly, we get to do French and music.

In year 5 me and some of my friends go to Mrs Hemmings. It is really fun because we get to play games and practise spellings. And in Mrs Hemmings’ group she does not care if you get your spelling wrong. In 5t we get to do PE. It’s really fun because we get to do rugby with Mr Thomas and with Mrs Choudhury we do normal PE and we play Dodgeball but the rules were different. We had to roll the ball. There were 4 teams. 1 team was yellow and Blue and green and the red team.

The scores:









Starting in year 5 – Toma 5T

19 12 2016


I had a great summer holiday. We went to Lithuania to see my cousin and celebrated my birthday.

The start of year 5 has been hard but I will get used to it. In year 5 we are learning about R.E. We are learning about INDIA. We are learning how to post school blogs. My favourite lessons are art, ICT, HUMANITIES.

In PE we play games. The game that we are playing is tag rugby. We have to wear tags and we have to have a ball when we run. The people that aren’t wearing tags first have to take your tag.

Waves – art – Evie 5T

19 12 2016

In year 5 we have been drawing waves. I find art really fun because there’s no wrong and right and you can play about with colours and pencils. The awesome Mrs Masters teaches us art -she’s the best art teacher ever! So far we’ve used willow charcoal, sketching pencils and oil pastels. We’ve also learnt the difference between abstract and realism. Also I personally think my drawing skills have also improved. Art is my favourite lesson EVER!!!!! We’ve been playing around with lots of different textures and it’s really fun! I also like the walk around gallery, it’s where we walk around  the room and look at each other’s work.

Kingswood day two photos – The beach!

28 06 2016

SATS (again)-Ella 6F

8 05 2016

So I know I’ve done a blog about SATS before, but since we are so close to them, I thought that I’d do another one. So SATS are in one week for all of us year 6 students and will begin on Monday the 9th of May. Everyone is on their last week of tuition and Mr. Fisher’s maths set and class have no homework, since it is a week before SATS, of course, they still expect us to revise for the tests, but I think what we have to remember is that we know what we need to know, and if we try to put anything else into the mix it’s just going to make the knowledge pot overflow and a brain without anything in it I don’t imagine will be very useful.

We have been working very hard (especially over the last four or so weeks) for the tests, and I think (however much everyone denies it) everyone is half heartedly looking forward to SATS so that they can show off how truly intelligent they really are. Whatever the out come is, no-one is going to beat you if you get a SPAG question wrong nor an arithmatic, so the best thing to do is (as I have already said before in my other blog about SATS) let what happens happen.

Good luck to everyone in year 6; I hope that you all do very well, I’m sure you’ll all do great!

SATs are coming! – Frankie

28 04 2016

Even though I am ill and cannot come to school until the 3rd May, I have been revising at home for these very important tests and am (hopefully) going to be able to achieve the same standard as I would have done if I hadn’t caught this illness and had to take some days off because of it.

For everyone, SATs seem like a very daunting and scary task; if you were to be a schoolchild in the world of the new  curriculum, how would you feel? Yet, in some cases, it isn’t such a life-changing decision. The only people this will even remotely affect is your class teacher, for they will be anxious about how we children will do and how much we will remember from our lessons. So, for children out there worrying your heads off, don’t. (If you’re a teacher, it’s fine, you can keep on worrying!)

We’ve all been working very hard and it will pay off, hopefully. By the way, don’t let the above put you off, because children and teachers alike will most probably be perfectly fine. Some of us are actually enjoying the anticipation!

Maths, English, Science and History, we will do whatever we can to make a good mark!

Good luck teachers, good luck children!

SATS- Ella 6F

26 04 2016

So here in Year 6, we are all getting ready for our SATS which will take place (at the moment) in two weeks time. Everyone is pretty stressed (especially the teachers) so extra tuition, homework and hard work continues. I don’t suppose that SATS will be that bad, so long as we work as hard as we can to reach the national standard, or maybe even above, that’s all we can do. It doesn’t help that we don’t yet know what the new national standard (the level we have to reach) is, so its hard to know what kind of questions will be asked and hard they will be (well obviously they will be challenging, but from where we stand at this point, we have not the faintest of how hard they will be!) The subjects we will be tested on are: grammar, reading comprehension, maths reasoning and maths atrithmatic. We will be having a SATS breakfast, before we take the important tests. Let’s all get working!


A Day in the Life of a Delapre Student – Frankie

19 05 2015

Being a Delapre Primary School student is great – this is what my days are like!

  1. I get out of bed and swiftly brush my teeth.
  2. I go downstairs, read my book and write legibly in my reading record, which is where we write a comment about our book every day except Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  3. I eat my healthy breakfast of fruit malt loaf and milk.
  4. I walk to school briskly.
  5. I get out my Maths and English books and travel to my first lesson, carefully so that I don’t bang into anyone!
  6. I walk out of lesson 2 and play outside joyfully for Morning Break Time.
  7. I walk in to our next lesson sensibly.
  8. I make my way to the lunch trolley to retrieve my lunchbag after lesson 3, eat my lunch hungrily and go outside for Lunch Break Time.
  9. I travel in to the afternoon lessons happily.
  10. I finish the afternoon lessons and gather my lunchbag, bookbag, coat and trainers quickly.
  11. I walk back home to a dinner of spaghetti bolognese and fizzy apple juice thankfully.
  12. I play on my electric console until 8:30 busily.
  13. I watch a film and tuck myself into bed sleepily.
  14. Until the very next day…

A Day in the life of a Delapre Child in England -Morgan

14 05 2015

Our school is very amazing and we don’t tollerate any awful behaviour. There are 30 people in each class but it depends if somebody has left and there 15 classes in the school. These are all the teachers in key stage 2:

In our school lessons, we have Humanities and maths and literacy. My favourite lesson is assembly because you get prizes.
My favourite events in school are the charity days because you get to help people in need and that puts a smile on my face.
The school trip I most enjoyed going to was Nottingham Castle and what we learned about was Robin Hood and how he had a enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Day in the life of a Delapre Child- Katie

8 05 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Delapre Child

I open my eyes to a bright and beautiful day, thinking about what I could do. I stumble over to my closet to smell the smell of clean clothes. I step into the plain white bathroom to brush my teeth with the minty toothpaste. I climb down the stairs to see my lovely family (NOT).

I run to the fridge saying “FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!! I grab a bowl of fruit loops and sit up the the solid oak table. Eventually I finish my breakfast, grab my stuff and jog to the car.

I arrive at school with all the eager pupils running and shouting in the playground. We all stand in a line waiting for our teacher to collect us. We all walk into class getting all our stuff ready for our lessons.

Today (Friday), we do Maths, English, Science, RE, Library and Reading. I finally finish my day at school, and I run off to my dance club. In Dance we have a performance on the 26th of June 2015.

After a long day at school and dance I go home. When I’m home I have my dinner, brush my teeth and clamber into my pink and blue bed.