My research on ancient Egypt-Aliyah 6C

10 05 2016
  • Egyptians were among the very first people to invent writing such as ink and paper.
  • A Pharaoh(king) would never let  his hair be seen , he would always wear a crown or a hair headdress.
  • It would probably took between 20,000 to 30,000 workers over 80 years to build the pyramids of  Giza!
  • Egyptians worshiped over 1,400 different gods  and goddesses.
  • The Egyptian pyramid  workers were paid with beer:1gallon(4liters) per day.
  • Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of  Egypt, was actually Greek , not Egyptian!
  • The lost Egyptian city of Herracleion was found after 1200 years under the sea the first sailing boats were invented in Egypt.
  • A king ,named Tutankhamun, died at the age of 18.

Howard Carter- Carisma 6F

29 04 2016

So in humanities, we are learning about the Ancient Egyptians. We leant about a man called Howard Carter, who was the first person to find the mummy of Tutankhamun. So he was drawing some Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, until he was on his way to somewhere and his horse tripped on  stone. So he called a man called Lord Carnarvon, and they did a search but at the end they found out it wasn’t the tomb of Tutankhamun. So for may days, Howard Carter got a lot of men to do a search, but it took them days to clear steps to a tomb, which wasn’t Tutankhamun’s tomb. Days went past, and the search was still going on. Lord Carnarvon was gong to give up, but Howard said he was going to try and find it, with one try.  

So the search went on, but there was one boy who was sitting on the sand brushing away with his hand, but then he noticed that he had found a step. So he ran over to Howard Carter and told him he had found some steps. Once Howard got to the steps, he called Lord Carnarvon  over so they started to make there way down to the tomb. When they finally got down the steps, they had to make a small hole in a wall that they could fit through. When they got into the chamber, it was only the first chamber, which was the treasury room. So they started looking around, until Lord Carnarvon was at the back, and noticed that there was a door. So Howard went out and told a man that it was ok to leave them. Once he was gone he went back inside and made a hole in the door and climbed into the second chamber. They noticed that there was these two door (which is probably half the size of an actual door) with a sliding bolt on it. So Howard unbolted it and opened the doors. Lord Carnarvon an Howard Cater couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They had  found the tomb of Tutankhamun.  

Humanities- Sakshi 6f

28 04 2016

Today in humanities we were learning about Ancient Egyptian’s writing which is called hieroglyphs. Hieroglyphs comes for two Greek words hieros means holy and glyphe means writing altogether it is holy writing. We learned how to write our name in hieroglyphs. Strangely, they used to write some words from top to bottom instead right to left. We had to write our name from top to bottom. The didn’t used words they used pictures.

After that we learned how to make papyrus paper which is made from a plant. We got some pictures and we had to put them in order of which they start from. We also had to tell what was happening in the pictures.hieroglyphics

art – Josie 6f

28 04 2016

In art at the moment we are making a mummy from ancient Egyptian times and its sarcophagus (its coffin.)

The first step that we did was to get a sheet of tin foil and make the body out of it, the next step was to get lots of sheets of kitchen roll and rip the kitchen roll up into pieces. Then we wet the  pieces and rapped it round the tin foil body. Once we had done that and let it dry we covered the whole body in glue. At the moment we are making our sarcophagus which is very simple and fun to make.

Art-Gemma 6F

28 04 2016

On Fridays we do art and at the minute we are making mummy’s and their tombs. Last week we made our tombs by getting card and cutting out the shape of a tomb then we got a strip of card and cut 1cm lines in it then bended it around out tomb cut outs. The week before that we made tin foil mummy’s then got tissue paper wet it and wrapped it around the tin foil.

Tutankhamun’s Tomb-Francesca 6C

15 04 2016

Have you ever wondered how found the youngest Pharaoh’s tomb? Well, now you will find out. Lets take a journey into the past, about 3,000 years back when the Pharaoh Tutankhamun was crowned at the age of 7! He was made King at the age of 7 and was told that he had to chose a bride. The girl he chose was his sister! Sadly, King Tut died at the age of 18 and was buried in the Land of the Kings.

Howard Carter,who was a painter at the time, wanted to become an archaeologist and wanted to find lots of Kings tombs. The Kings tomb that he really wanted to find was Tutankhamun’s tomb. He wanted to find it so bad that he spent loads of money and kept searching for 20 years! Imagine digging for 20 years and not finding anything. However his luck was about to change. One day a waterboy was taking his break when he discovered a step leading into the ground. He told Howard and suddenly he found 15 other steps. He had soon uncovered all of the steps and broken into a very special room called the antechamber where all of the things the king would need for the after life were kept. Then he found a sealed door leading to the kings burial chamber. He had soon found the kings mummy, all of his treasure and his golden mask. Here is a website about Howard Carter.                                                gold_mask_1336271015486

Egyptians-Francesca 6C

13 04 2016

Egyptian Facts

Egyptians were very civilised people and they worked in ranks. At the top was the Pharaoh who was king of all and at the bottom was the farmers. Egyptian towns would build their community around a river which was called the River Nile. This river would flood every year and create a black mud which is what the farmers would use to plant their crops in. These people would write in hieroglyphics instead of English like you and me. Each symbol would mean a different letter or sound, so it must of been really hard to remember them all. When a Pharaoh got married both of the people would promise each other that they would be killed when one of them died which was really unfortunate of king Tutankhamun’s bride because he died at the age of 18!

I hope some of the facts I have written were ones you didn’t know before.

egyiptan hiroglifics