Jessica all about forces

15 11 2017

Yesterday in science we learnt all about forces. We had a tennis ball and were thinking of all different ways to move it. The ways were pushing pulling and twisting.

To get the ball to travel we threw it, kicked it, rolled it and bounced it. There are many different ways for a ball to travel. Isaac Newton was the one who discovered gravity. He discovered it by an apple falling on his head, no one else thought to do this but he tried to find out why it fell down instead of just floating.

Phoebe forces of gravity.

15 11 2017

In science we are learning about force . Please click the link below:

We have different types of force including gravity, pulls,pushes  twists . Gravity is the force that stops us from floating out into space.

Forces of Gravity by Ella

15 11 2017

Yesterday,in science we were learning about Forces and Gravity.

If you would like some help then click this link here.

Here are some examples of Forces and Gravity,pull,push and twist.

Rio; The forces of gravity

15 11 2017

Yesterday we learnt about and forces. Here is a great website for you to read.          .

The forces are called pull, push and twist those are the main forces. But the most important one is gravity.



Or if you don’t want to read you can watch this video  so you can learn quicker a little bit.



Forces Ali

15 11 2017

This week in science we are learning about forces,the gravitational forces are either a pull push and a twist .Isaac Newton discovered this theory when he was in the  grounds of Oxford University when an apple fell on his head.Without air resistance  you  will float into outer space.Friction keeps us moving without it your clothes will just fall down.

kenai forces

15 11 2017

Yesterday i learnt about gravity and forces. The person that discovered gravity was Issac newton. He discovered gravity because no one thought of it. He was always smart because he went to oxford. An apple fell out of his apple tree and it fell on him and he said it should have went to the side and that’s how gravity was discovered.

In door Athletics by Julia and Jake

15 11 2017

On Tuesday, we had in door P.E with Miss Cartwight, Mr Thomas and  Mr Fisher. We all had so much FUNNNNNN!!!!!! We had choices 1-10, Jake’s favourite was speed bounce until he fell over and his head bounced into out of space (he wasn’t hurt though!) and  Julia’s favourite was the same as Jake’s. That is all for now. See ya in the next blog post! BYE!!!!!!!


Imogen: the force of gravity

15 11 2017

This week in science we learnt about the forces of gravity here is a child friendly website.

I am going to show you a video about the force of gravity.

Jacob the forces of gravity 5fg

15 11 2017

So in science we were learning about forces and gravity. Click the website down below for more information and click this video to see even more  information. Jacob 5fg

Forces and Gravity – Mia – 5FG –

15 11 2017

Yesterday we learnt about Forces and Gravity in science .Here is a website to help you understand.

Isaac Newton was the person who discovered gravity . He was sitting  leaning against an apple tree in Oxford University and an apple fell on his head and wondered ”why did that fall down why didn’t it fly side ways or float up”.The three forces of gravity are push,pull and a twist (a twist is a push and a pull). here is a video to help ENJOY !