Kingswood Trip 2018 – Vicky

13 11 2017

Next year we wil be going on a residential trip to Kingwood, a friend ( a year older than me ) told us it was really fun. The trip will have lots of activities like:

  • Zip-lining
  • Swimming

And much more. I hope to have a great time there. I feel like as I’m excited now, when we actually go, I’ll be a LOT nervous. I can’t wait to go!

Kingswood-Millie 5L

9 07 2016

Kingswood was really enjoyable and unforgettable. My favourite activates were all of them but, the caving made me get a very sore head because of how tall I am. I was sharing a dorm with Saffron, Ella, Georgia, Zeliha, Chloe, Niamh and Carina and they were all really fun to share a dorm with, despite  I found it really hard to get to sleep. All of the instructors were very helpful. When we were travelling to and back from Kingswood we were all split onto 3 coaches and half way through the journey we stopped to go to the loo, but on the way there we had our sandwiches as  well. I would like to give all the staff a big thank you for coming to the trip and, and an even bigger thank you to Mr Casey for organising the whole trip. This was an amazing trip I will never forget.

Here are some photos of some of the activities:

4 034delapre2 1013 022delapre2 027


Kingswood – Suzie 5L

9 07 2016

Last week, Years 5 & 6 had a stunning time at Kingswood. There were so many fantastic activities and fun entertainment, the two year-groups barely had time to breathe! It was always busy, busy, busy. I really enjoyed all the occupations and had an amazing week. Throughout the large variety of tasks, I really enjoyed the zip-wire, shelter build, swimming and abseiling the most. Although there was also outdoor climb, leap of faith and fencing… Just too many too count!

I think that Years 3 & 4 will adore this trip in two years time. If, of course, they don’t get too home-sick! Overall, this new adventure was an immense success.



Kingswood -Loveth 5L

9 07 2016

Kingswood was amaaaazing. We did 35 activities in that five days. My favorite activities were Zip wire, swimming, Leap of Faith and and Abseiling.

delapre2 020 delapre2 016 delapre2 017

Pharrell-5T Kingswood

9 07 2016

On Sunday we went to Kingswood to stay for a week and its was really fun. My most favourite activity was caving and the zip wire because on the zip wire we zipped down a wire and the caving because we got really muddy and it was a bit scary because there were a lot of spiders and I mean A LOT! The place I stayed in was called Felbrigg it was big.2 025

Kingswood – Eddy 5T

9 07 2016

From the 26th of June and the 1st of July, Year 5&6 went to Kingswood. Here are some main points:


At Kingswood, we got up at 7 am, shower between 7 and 7:45, with dorm inspection at 7:45. Then we had our morning activity. Then breakfast, and 2 more activities before lunch. Then, another 2 activities and next, dinner. Afterwards we had 1 last activity, hot chocolate, and bed.


At the start of activities, we had a shout out. Some cheesy ones were “I came in like an aeroball!” and “Lets go caving, caving, caving, ’till we see the sun!”

My favourite activity was caving because the cave used to be a WWII pillbox.

All in all, I had a fun time.


Kingswood – Alicia 5L

9 07 2016


Kings wood was amazing like many trips this one was the most outstanding trip. If your type of fun is watching tv then you are in luck you get a movie night also known as movie blitz. but if you like zip wires and other active things then there is a zip wire there is the leap of faith, quad bikes, go karts and many more amazing activities.

kingswood 071                                 disco night     kingswood 114               at the beach and I got a massive lolly

kingswood 058

a bit of cricket Taylor as just hit the cricket ball MR Flynn the wicket keeper.



Kingswood By Andrew 5T

9 07 2016

At Kingswood I’m pretty sure everyone had a great time. In my dorm I had James,Wade.Owen,Aaron,Jacob,Christian and me. I loved all the activities but my top two were Leap of Faith and Go Karting. I also enjoyed disco night and campfire.

Kingswood- Niamh 5T

9 07 2016


We went to Kingswood from the 26th of June to the 1st of July.

The first two pictures are from the beach. On the beach there were lots of tiny baby crabs. The instructor brought games so some people played them.

The next photo is from the disco…. it was so tiring the next ones are from all the different activities.




KINGSWOOD – Catherina 5T

9 07 2016

Kingswood was awesome. We did lots of different activities including:

zip wire, rock climbing, abseiling, leap of faith, go karting, nightline, bush craft, caving , shelter building,

quad bikes, orienteering and many more. The dorms were usually very tidy. We went to the beach and bought ice creams! It was so fun!!!!

In environmental art my friends and I made a beach with sand, a coconut tree, picnic, surfboard and a little stickman. we could only use our surroundings which was nature, nature and more nature!!!! we made the coconut tree by using some bark, leaves and an acorn for the coconut!! I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!